2014 decoration trends: This season, it’s all about blue, a versatile colour we love. Modern and elegant, this is a colour that can work in any kind of environment. Choose a cobalt blue for your modern decor: it will harmonize perfectly with anthracite and grey tones. Throw in some stainless steel accents and glass accessories for a contemporary and smoothly elegant look.

For a more whimsical look, combine your blue with a mustard yellow or a canary yellow. These bright sunny tones will add warmth to your decor. They will also keep their sophisticated appeal if you mix them with decorative items and light fixtures in the shades of gold. Gold has lately been gaining a new level of recognition and is becoming one of the newest most sought-after trends.

For a more modern allure, it can even complement stainless steel or other silver metals. Mobilia has a great selection of decoration options for the dining room, the living room or the bedroom.

But blue isn’t only an accent colour: why not make it the key tone for your decoration? Go for sofas and chairs in deep blue, with aqua side furniture and accessories. Mix up the shades and create harmonious colour gradients throughout the room. Don’t be afraid to use it as a neutral, the same way you would use grey, white or black, but with tons of added personality. In 2014, you’ll notice this trend everywhere, from the bathroom to our selection of paintings. Go ahead, dare to be blue!