Home is a spontaneous world; it is the universe of ephemeral. It is an eclectic, fun and unconventional world. It’s what we love right now. This year, a décor driven by a spontaneous world consists of the industrial trend. It draws inspiration from the hippest places, combining raw wood and metal with the latest colours.

“Forget matching and instead let your first impression of every piece guide you”


Different styles are mixed together while sticking to the guideline of spontaneity. For example, use a palette of neutral tones for larger pieces, mainly made of wood and brushed matte metal. Add an aged leather piece of furniture, then some accessories or a centerpiece in tones of red or orange. Finally, take a chance and add some creations that tell a story, like an oversized lamp.

Pay special attention to textures and contrasts. A leather pillow will match wonderfully with an ultra-soft wool throw. A light fixture in warm tones of orange will look wonderful in a grey-blue room.

Forget matching and instead let your first impression of every piece guide you. Don’t be afraid to improvise!

Finally, be bold and show off your sense of humour: design should not be taken too seriously. Have the courage to incorporate odd objects, like a silly door stopper or a fun table lamp. By using objects that speak to you, you are creating a décor that will in turn make you smile every day. Isn’t that the essence of successful décor?

Mobilia has carefully put together its Spontaneous collection with unique and fun objects that will help you recreate this unconventional look. So go ahead and release your spontaneous side!

Editor’s note: this article is about our previous spontaneous collection. Check out our new spontaneous line-up here !