Mobilia created four worlds to facilitate the navigation and coordination of different furniture styles. Creating your personal world has never been this easy! On one side, there is effervescence, with the Spontaneous and the Wow worlds. On the other side, there calm with the Euro and the Natural worlds.

Let’s take a look at the Wow world!

The Wow world hardly needs a definition. The name says it all; it’s all about BIG effects, with taste and imagination. This world is definitely chic, bright, bold and eye-catching. It is sure to make a lasting impression.

The furniture from the Wow world is more architectural, often oversized. The prints are graphic and materials are bold and strong. Blacks, whites, blue, metallic finishes, and chrome give this world plenty of punch. One thing is certain, a furniture piece or an accessory from the Wow world will instantly become a center of attention in a room.

In short, if you like pieces that have lots of presence, browsing the Wow world is a great idea!

We have three other worlds for you to discover! Check out Natural, Euro and Spontaneous for more inspiration.

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