When it comes to our homes, whether you are in a small-space apartment or a sprawling mansion, a space should always look finished, stylized and interesting. A home is the backdrop to our lives and it should reflect us accordingly.

While furniture, wall coverings, carpets and drapes are the envelope that holds our interior decor together. The accessories, from lamps and side tables, to art work and décor objects (I like to call them “winks” or “objet”), accessories are really the final layer of the home, the jewelry, the finishing touch that makes a design look complete. Adding this layer however is sometimes the hardest for many people. So to help you out I have put together a few of my tried and true tips. Enjoy!

1. Always decorate in three’s and make sure your items are all not the same shape and size. Vary it up, for example a lamp placed on a table next to a stack of books, in front of a piece of artwork always looks lovely.

2. Consider using a “topper” on your stacks of decorative books. Make sure books on tables or consoles are placed horizontally and take the dust jackets off (it looks more chic). On top of the books place a smaller size “topper” (a decorative accent). It really gives a space a “magazine ready” look. Mobilia is my favourite place to shop for “toppers” and accents. The buyers at Mobilia shop the globe to create an enticing in-store marketplace that has something for everyone’s style.

3. Speaking of books, if you need to add height to an object like a lamp, those books also work wonders as a pedestal. I like to shop for mine at vintage stores, you usually pay a little less than a bookstore and the titles are always interesting.

4. Always make your tables “dressed to impress”, that means you need the following—artwork (I love the new WASS prints from Mobilia) or a mirror (if the table is against the wall), accessories (placed in three) and maybe add some fresh flowers (in a NATI vase) or a candle. Dress up your dinning room table when it’s not being used with a bold or colourful candelabra.

5. Don’t forget the end tables, poufs (bean bags) and stools. Many of these pieces are multifunctional and can add a much-needed pop of colour or pattern to a living space.

I hope these tips help you finish your space. Most importantly remember decorating is fun… so enjoy!

Janette Ewen, Interior stylist and The Style Blog collaborator (at Mobilia, we just LOVE everything she does!)

From her start as an MTV set stylist to her successful career as a designer, design editor, TV host and ambassador for brands such as Moet, Mobilia and PANDORA Jewelry, Janette has continually sought to entice audiences to design their own eclectic experiences and celebrate life to the fullest. Janette’s personal mantra “stay interested, be interesting” guides her exciting life—full of design, travel and creation. Janette’s adventures and passion for style and good taste have been featured in the LA Times, Nylon Magazine, The Globe and Mail and House and Home magazine.

As a design partner at Parker Barrow Design studio, Janette is “over the moon” to be
creating spaces that would find a happy home in her fast-paced, whimsical life. Janette’s fans enjoy keeping up with her adventures through her popular social media pages including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Her blog “gojette” is a go-to for trends setters and tastemakers alike. In her spare time Janette loves traveling, rally car racing and hiking throughout North America.

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