It’s such a lovely feeling to kick back and relax in a space that you’ve made your own. Have you ever thought of setting up a nice little reading nook? (Who wants to be glued to an iPad all day, when there’s something so relaxing about a good book).

Whether you set it up in your bedroom or your living room, pay special attention to the armchair you chose. It must be perfect for you, with comfortable support for the back, and a good size to match the length of your legs and arms. Tall and short people need different armchairs!

Depending on your personal style, there are so many options to choose from such as a reclining chair with footrest, or one with oversized cushions and a matching ottoman… The possibilities are endless! Mobilia offers a wide array of styles, from classical to modern, in several customizable colours and upholstery options.

For a modern look, pick out a tufted leather armchair with sleek and contemporary lines. If you prefer a warmer, more rustic arrangement, choose a model that has a natural fabric and a simple look, but with a curvy shape and lots of personality.

Complete your nesting ambiance with a soft wool throw, and add a foot lamp with an adjustable head, to adapt to those cozy nights in. Don’t forget a side table, to hold all your relaxation essentials. Rest away!

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