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Tips 9 November 2020

Welcome your guests with stylish and comfortable stools

This year, the festive season will have to reinvent itself. Smaller groups, less grandiose meals, go back to basics… however, there’s no way of letting the magic of Christmas fly away! It is possible to create a cosy atmosphere and turn this moment into a real enchanted evening. Be prepared to receive your guests in style and comfort around your bar or counter.

Tips 27 December 2017

Home Bar: Tips and Recipes

Much to our great delight, home bars are making a big comeback. More and more poeple are thinking about adding a bar area to their dining room or living room, because it is a piece of furniture that combines functionality and design for the pleasure of the senses.

Tips 15 February 2017

Tips for choosing the best mattress for you!

Choosing better to sleep better, or how to find the perfect mattress for you. Restful and peaceful sleep is a primary need, which is why buying your mattress is of paramount importance. For many, choosing a mattress can be stressful, with so many aspects to consider before making a choice. We make it easy for you by addressing some of the biggest concerns consumers have when choosing a new mattress.