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Inspiration 12 November 2021

Cozy decor for a comfier winter

This winter, keep the cold outisde and wrap your bedroom and living room in a cozy atmosphere. Neutral and soft hues, contrasting textures and accessories, soft lighting: turn these two rooms into cozy nooks during colder months.

Inspiration 13 September 2021


Give chic a warm welcome. After months and months of cocooning, it’s time for this trend to take back its place in our lives—much to our delight. Get ready to give your space a makeover with the many different colours and materials of chic décor.

Inspiration 14 October 2020

Made here, the Nicolas collection

More than ever, it is important to support local businesses and local design. This is why at Mobilia we wanted to add a new collection to our catalogue: the NICOLAS collection. Quality items made in Canada. From the bedroom to the dining room, discover the products that compose it.