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Inspiration 17 June 2016

A more Spontaneous world

Spontaneous is a transient universe; the flavour of the day, what is “in” right now. It is a world where eclecticism and wonder come together in an array of collections as creative as they are alluring. Scandinavian, japanese, mid-century influences and more, find the very latest in global design trends.

Inspiration 25 August 2015

A more Wow world

The Wow world hardly needs a definition. The name says it all; it’s all about BIG effects, with taste and imagination. This world is definitely chic, bright, bold and eye-catching. It is sure to make a lasting impression.

Inspiration 27 February 2015

A more Euro world

The Euro world turns, naturally, to Europe. Melding furniture with refined design, it shuns artifice to achieve timeless style, for a place of poise and elegance.

Inspiration 23 January 2015

A more Natural world

Natural; a world deeply rooted in the environment, and characterized by simple organic forms and natural materials. It’s a solid and comfortable world, with a hint of “handmade” and a sense of authenticity.