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Lifestyle 30 July 2021

Your WFH Oasis Awaits

Remote work was already well on its way to becoming the norm for those working in all sorts of industries. More and more, people are choosing a work-from-home lifestyle to get the job done. If this describes your current reality, then make sure that whatever space you’re working out of is ergonomic, flexible, and totally comfortable.

Lifestyle 10 December 2020

Our Open Concept Living – by Priscila Stuart

A year and four months ago, I would never have thought I’d be living in my dream home, let alone that we’d build & decorate it ourselves. Neither of us had ever designed a home, so you might wonder why we didn’t just leave it to the professionals? The answer in this article…

Lifestyle 30 November 2019


It’s a well-known fact that lack of sleep has an adverse impact on your health. Sleep lets you recover from the day. Its restorative function serves to recharge your batteries. But you need the right environment. To make your bedroom more conducive to sleep, here are four factors to consider:

Lifestyle 12 September 2019


There has been an explosion of coworking spaces over the last few years. It’s a growth market that’s revolutionizing the world of work. Let’s have a look at this trend.