Choosing better to sleep better, or how to find the perfect mattress for you. Restful and peaceful sleep is a primary need, which is why buying your mattress is of paramount importance. For many, choosing a mattress can be stressful, with so many aspects to consider before making a choice. We make it easy for you by addressing some of the biggest concerns consumers have when choosing a new mattress.



One thing is for sure: sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can be a nightmare! Choosing a comfortable mattress is the key to restful sleep. To do this, make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to remove when you go out to try out mattresses. Don’t be shy! You can’t tell how comfortable a mattress is by looking at it. Also, take the time to do your research. Don’t be in a hurry when it comes to your happiness and health.


After comfort, quality is the most important aspect to consider when buying a mattress. There are many different types of mattresses: innerspring, hybrid, water, foam, gel, inflatable, memory foam, latex, adjustable, and more. The array of choices can seem overwhelming.

Choisir le matelas parfait: Mousse mémoire Magniflex

One technology that has a revolutionary advantage over others is Memoform, also known as memory foam. The LOMBARDY, BOSCOLO, BAGLIONI and EXEDRA mattresses from Magniflex, Italy’s largest mattress manufacturer, are pressure sensitive rather than heat sensitive.

The benefits of pressure sensitive mattresses include instant adaptation to body shape, no sinking feeling, and no restriction of movement during sleep. They also reduce neck and back discomfort while providing a less restless sleep, allowing couples to sleep better side by side without transferring movement.


IIt is also very interesting to consider the purchase of a mattress in terms of cost per use. This is a way of looking at an expensive purchase in a logical way. For example, a $1200 mattress will cost you $10 per month for 10 years. LOMBARDY, BOSCOLO, BAGLIONI and EXEDRA mattresses are guaranteed for 20 years, so do the math! That’s a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep.

You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, but that doesn’t mean that a mattress has to cost a fortune to satisfy all your needs. While everyone wants the best price, it’s important to remember that the best quality, for the best sleep, is well worth the investment.


Another important aspect to consider when buying a mattress is the warranty. Mattress warranties cover physical defects, but not always comfort: this is probably the most important misperception that consumers need to overcome when making this purchase. Taking the time to think about the type of comfort you want is crucial. That’s why we offer a 100+1 night comfort guarantee. Other mattress guarantees may depend on the type of mattress, its quality and cost. Our mattresses come with a 20 year guarantee, which shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of their product.


Don’t forget your pillows! Choose a pillow that offers more support for the neck and shoulders.



Too often, consumers forget to consider the impact their choice of mattress can have on the environment, as well as on their health. LOMBARDY, BOSCOLO, BAGLIONI and EXEDRA mattresses are made of memory foam. Unlike other types of memory foam, Magniflex Memoform is made using an environmentally friendly water-based process that reduces VOC emissions, resulting in a hypo-allergenic product without harmful substances or unpleasant odours.

The open cell structure is scientifically advanced and improved, providing greater stability and airflow than other similar products on the market. This design ensures greater ventilation, while actively removing excess heat and moisture during sleep.

Choose the perfect mattress. Rolled and sealed mattress


One of the biggest advantages of these mattresses is their portable quality. As this picture shows, these mattresses can be rolled up and vacuum-packed for easy transport.


For people who share a bed, it can be difficult to find a mattress that suits everyone’s support preferences. The exclusive Dual Core® technology, found in our EXEDRA model, allows you and your partner to customize your mattress without compromise. Simply unzip the mattress cover and flip either core foam over for firm or soft comfort, depending on your preference.

You deserve the best sleep possible. That’s why it’s important to get the best possible mattress for your needs and sleeping habits.


  1. I’ve been looking to buy a hybrid mattress because this one was recommended to me but I don’t know which one is better. Can you recommend me a hybrid mattress?

    1. Hi, our Savoia mattress would be our most hybrid model. It is composed of two independent foam mattresses (Dual Core technology), each offering a medium-firm side and a medium-soft side (king and queen sizes only).

  2. julie lacasse says:

    i love love everything in here wow

    1. Thank you for your comment Julie!

  3. Samba Tiyyagura says:

    Finding a right mattress can be a lifetime process. We bought boscolo here and in few nights it was clear that we found one for lifetime. We just hope they keep making these when we have to replace.

    1. Hi Samba, thanks for your comment! We are happy to know that you have found your happiness with our Boscolo model. Sleep worry-free, thanks to our 101-night trial and 20-year warranty!

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