In collaboration with Montreal architecture and design firm MXMA, we’re delighted to show you breathtaking cottage locations that highlight many products from our collections. Today’s venue is in Morin-Heights, a family cabin that makes you want to bundle up all winter long…

A family nest

Perched on a hill, this holiday home fits neatly into the forest and opens up completely onto enchanting landscapes to give breathtaking views of the lake, mountains, trees and sunsets.

An open-concept living room

Open to the dining room and kitchen, the living room is composed of low furniture in order to keep the warm atmosphere that emanates from the large bay window overlooking the forest.

The heart of the cottage

The dining room has naturally taken its place at the heart of this big living space. The wood of the furniture recalls the cottage’s style which strives to be warm and rustic yet simple, surprising and timeless.

Discover the Mount-Shefford cabin!

A practical, open kitchen

Have you ever noticed how everyone tends to gravitate to the kitchen during gatherings? This is even more true at the cabin! This one is designed to be practical, with plenty of built-in storage space, and open to the rest of the room in order to maintain a friendly, family feel.

Stools are the perfect bridge between kitchen and dining room and a great way to play up this cozy cabin-in-the-woods feel.

Master bedroom, master view

Here again, the atmosphere is warm and rustic with wooden furniture. From the bed or the bathtub, the view of the enchanting forest makes you forget the worries of everyday life. 

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