Moving into a new apartment marks the beginning of the next chapter in your life. Even if you can’t renovate the space with the same freedom as a homeowner, you can still personalize a rental to make it feel like home. Our designers share some tips on how to beautify your space without undergoing major renovations.

Plan your decoration.

Get inspired.

Take this unique opportunity to design a space that reflects your personality, starting from a blank slate. Browse specialized magazines and online resources to find what inspires you. Document everything that catches your eye, whether it’s the cozy ambiance of a specific décor, exquisite colour palettes, a distinctive style, or a piece of furniture with remarkable design.

Explore our four worlds of style, the latest trends, and thematic collections by visiting Mobilia’s inspiration nest, an endless source of ideas and tools to guide your vision.

Measure everything. Twice, to be sure.

Before moving in, carefully note the dimensions of each room. Also make a note of architectural elements to consider during setup, including openings, windows, alcoves, and structural beams. Double-check your measurements to ensure accuracy. All this information will help you choose appropriately sized furniture.

Experiment with our interior design preview tool.

What will the modern decor you have in mind look like? Between two sofa models, which one would fit better?

Mobilia’s free design tool offers a quick and easy way to find out. Specify the dimensions of each room, choose the wall and floor colours, then drag and drop scaled representations of the selected furniture. In just a few moments, you can visualize your future interior before starting any work or making purchases.

Start with large surfaces and major furniture pieces.

Paint or beautify the walls.

Applying one or two coats of paint can completely transform your space at a minimal cost. Depending on your landlord’s specific requirements, you might opt for light and neutral shades or just paint a few accent walls. The latter option will require less work if you need to repaint everything white when you move out.

Even if painting is not allowed due to building regulations, there are other ways to personalize your walls. Apply removable wallpaper that can be easily applied and removed at the end of your lease. You can also add colour and texture to bare surfaces by hanging paintings and wall art.

Choose a key piece of furniture for each room.

Every room has at least one large piece of furniture that plays a central role, such as the dining table in the dining room, the beds in each bedroom, and the sofa in the living room. Invest in a durable, high-quality product as it forms the heart of each space.

Opt for versatile furniture that can move with you to your next home, such as an extendable table or a modular sofa set to which you can add more pieces.

Ellemia modular, Nakim reclining chair and Wylo nesting tables

Maintain your freedom of movement by choosing furniture that is perfectly sized—not too big, not too small. Refer to your measurements, then use our sofa sizing tool to filter corresponding sofas and chairs to refine your selection. You can also configure your modular set online to select the pieces necessary for your layout.

Install curtains.

Beautify your windows by hiding old horizontal or vertical blinds behind attractive curtains. Whether you choose a light and sheer fabric or opulent opaque draperies, these large coverings add a lot of elegance and personality to the decor.

Add rugs.

Cover floor imperfections by rolling out a luxurious modern rug. It’s also an excellent way to delineate different areas in an open-plan layout. In addition to being pleasant underfoot, a well-chosen area rug absorbs ambient noise and helps protect your privacy.

Add some finishing touches.

Modernize your lighting fixtures.

If you’re comfortable with small electrical tasks, it’s fairly simple to replace an outdated ceiling light with a modern pendant lamp that will stylishly illuminate your space. Table lamps and floor lamps can also enrich your lighting without requiring any special skills—just plug them in.

Choose multifunctional or storage-integrated accent furniture.

In a small space, every square inch counts. Opt for furniture that serves more than one purpose and occupies less space than multiple individual pieces. Prefer furniture with built-in storage to declutter the area while keeping your belongings organized.

Some ottoman models do it all, allowing you to stretch your legs, store items in their discreet compartment, and serve as a compact extra seat.

Add some greenery.

A few green plants and other decorative vegetation will bring a touch of life and freshness to your decor. Cacti, succulents, ferns, and air plants require minimal maintenance and are perfect for busy schedules. You can also beautify your space with highly realistic artificial plants that only need occasional dusting.

Fiddle leaf artificial plant, Nancie accent chair and Najma coffee table

Have fun with cushions and throws.

Adding a cozy throw and a few modern decorative cushions injects character and colour into any room for a minimal investment. Let yourself be charmed by bold patterns, harmonious hues, and captivating textures: the possibilities are endless!

Even if you will one day move to a new address, take the time to set up your new apartment to reflect your personality. It’s your home, where you will create precious moments with your loved ones. You deserve to enjoy every moment in a decor that fills you with joy and pride.

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