When Mobilia asked us to travel to Europe on an inspiring trend watching business trip, we thought we’d make the most of it. I mean, who wouldn’t do the same, right? The “we” in this story is Mobilia’s Marketing Director and the Creative Director at Mobilia’s branding agency. Two women asked to travel to Copenhagen and Paris to explore the latest trends in retail design, hospitality and culture. During our stay, we walked an astounding 105 kilometers over 7 days (yes, we counted our steps), how else were we to be at peace with all those delicious meals and wine!? Here’s a brief account of restaurants, shops and other hidden gems that we found inspiring, beautiful, delicious and mostly, charming.

First Impressions

First observation in Copenhagen: design is everywhere! Even at the airport, where you will find Scandinavian chairs and wooden flooring in a chevron pattern, quite different from most airports where the design aesthetic is usually fairly generic from one place to the next.

A short commute later we found ourselves in the heart of the city, wandering about in the rain as it happened to be (much to our chagrin) Denmark’s national holiday, so naturally, most businesses and museums were closed on that day.  Suffice to say we were really looking forward to warming up to our first meal of our trip!

We quickly learned that Copenhagen is a fabulous destination for foodies

Our first stop was at Höst. Like many restaurants in Copenhagen, it has a concise menu focusing on a 3 or 5-course menu. The decor, created by a firm we love, Norm Architects, is warm, authentic and totally Nordic.

The cuisine also focuses on Nordic ingredients and does not look like anything we are used to: Hake cooked with radishes and smoked cheese, pork neck, homemade butter with crusty sourdough bread, and juniper-rhubarb ice cream are just a few examples of the extraordinary offerings on hand.


Höst wasn’t to be the last place we ate at with awe inspiring decor and mouth watering dishes. Admiralgade 26 was for us another standout restaurant with a spectacular floor and an assortment of eclectic furniture pieces perfectly coordinated and appealing to the eye (now we were starting to get inspired)!

Our favourite shopping spots

We would have bought everything at Stilleben, a small boutique that sells pretty little ceramics. Colours, shapes, we loved everything in the store.

Sandal Design at Normann Copenhagen
Pink Sandals!

What can be said about Normann Coppenhagen! This flagship boutique is a former theatre where every square foot is designed to make you dream, to surprise you and even inspire you with all the latest fashion trends. We are still fantasizing about these dazzling sandals that not only suited the store’s decor perfectly but also happened to be the favourite colour of the two girls travelling … pink. 😉
An important detail if you are travelling to Copenhagen, forget taxis! They are difficult to catch, they pick you up only when they feel like it, and especially do not like to be hailed on the street. Opt for public transportation (bus) or if you are in shape, take a chance on the bike paths. Cycling is a way of life in Copenhagen, paths are everywhere—they are full and cyclists are fast! Pedestrians, beware!

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