If you don’t know him, Scott McGillivray is an influenceur, real estate expert, contractor, and television host of HGTV’s award-winning series Income Property and Scott’s Vacation House Rules. Among other television series, Scott hosts Scott’s House Call, a show in which he pays a visit to lucky families in order to completely transform one room around their home, in less than 24 hours! Mobilia is a proud partner of this program for which we provide some of the furniture in these refurbished homes. Discover some Scott’s tips along three different projects that will inspire you to try new things in your own home.

Scott’s Tips for Decorating Family Rooms

Family Room composed of a fabric sofa in grey, an area rug on the floor, a wall art, an accant chair and a coffee table. Discover Scott's tips to renovate your own family room!

I’ve always liked decorating family rooms. Unlike some of the more utilitarian rooms in the house, family rooms are purely for rest and relaxation, and it’s always fun to create a space where families can relax and spend time together. Here are my top 5 tips for decorating family rooms:

· Comfortable furniture. According to me, the most important element of any family room is the furniture. It’s all about comfort and style. In this room, I included a modern sectional sofa that every member of the family could feel comfortable falling into at the end of a long day. Accented with throw pillows and blankets, it’s the perfect spot for movie watching or family game nights.

·  An area rug to define a space. In a family room, rugs are particularly important for adding a sense of comfort and coziness. While they don’t have to cover the entire space, I suggest trying to have at least the front feet of major furniture pieces on top of it.

·  Use side tables. People tend to forgo them in smaller spaces and opt just for a coffee table, but ideally, every seat in the room should have an accent table at arm’s distance. Everyone needs a spot to set down a drink, their phone, or anything else they might need, and they shouldn’t have to reach over anyone else to do so. It won’t be possible in every room, but in a family room try your best to make it happen.

·  A wall art as a focal point. Often when you walk into a room your eye is drawn to a natural focal point – usually a fireplace or an architectural feature. If a natural focal point isn’t obvious, you can create one with artwork, a wall mirror, or some other significant item. In a family room I pretty much always suggest decorating around the focal point so the majority of the furniture fes it.”

Scott’s Tips for Decorating Dining Rooms

Dining room composed of a wooden table and storage, a leather bench, fabric chairs and pendant lamp. Discover Scott's tips to renovate your own dining room!

“2020 has brought about a lot of changes, and dining rooms are becoming more important than ever. They become our restaurants, our workspaces, and even our play areas. As a result, many people are looking to do some upgrades. Here are some easy dining room updates that will help you make this multi-functional room the best it can be:

· Table: Whether you’re entertaining guests or not, a table with an optional extension is important. People are gathering around for meals, board games, homework and so much more. This means that flexibility is key. In this room I opted for the NICOLAS dining table (made in Canada) because the extension can actually be stored underneath the table.

· Storage. When it comes to dining rooms, storage isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But a place to store extra dishes, silverware and other items should be a priority. If you have the space a sideboard is the perfect solution.

· Seating: A variety of seating is always a good idea. Personally, I like a slight mix’n’match look. The upholstered NALDA chairs were a perfect complement to the existing chairs.

· Lighting: In most cases, a dining room looks best with an overhead pendant or chandelier hanging over the table. If the room isn’t too big this will suffice, but you can also consider wall lamps, or even table lamps. My advice is to install dimmers for controlling the amount of light in a given area and it can instantly change the mood and character of a room.”

Scott’s Tips for Decorating Home Offices

Home ofice composed of a wooden desk, a lamp table, a desk chair and many storage. Discover Scott's tips to renovate your own home office!

“In my opinion, one of the best ways to get motivated while working from home is to have a proper office space where you can concentrate and block out distractions. For some this will mean a dedicated room, for others it will be a nook in another part of the house. Whatever you have to work with, try to follow these guidelines as best you can:

· Furniture: When it comes to furniture you need a good-sized desk and plenty of storage. In this room we included a large desk with two drawers, a sideboard, a tall bookcase, and some additional shelves. It may sound like a lot, but it’s always better to have more storage than you think you will need.

· Desk chair: Given how many hours you spend in it, your desk chair must be comfortable and with a nice look. In this home office I decided on the Wade office chair because not only did it suit the modern aesthetic I was going for, but it has the back support needed to keep whoever is using it comfortable for long stretches of time. 

· Lighting: In an office lighting is really non-negotiable, as you need focused light in order to see your work clearly. Make sure that you have a good table lamp that provides proper task lighting. We already strain our eyes staring at screens most of the day, don’t make it worse by limiting the lighting in your home office.  

· Décor: Your home office is part of your home, and the style of the room should reflect that. Don’t limit yourself just because this is a workspace. Include some artwork, meaningful photos and decorative objects, or whatever else you need to feel good and be productive.”

Find all Scott’s design tips on his blog and Youtube account.

Contest – Get a chance to win a virtual experience with Scott McGillivray!

The contest is over

Did you enjoy reading Scott McGillivray’s tips? What if you could ask him all your questions during 45 minutes? Mobilia is launching a contest to win a virtual meeting with Scott McGillivray during which he will share his favourites and discuss interior design with 10 guests.

TO PARTICIPATE, COMMENT THE ARTICLE BELOW BY ANSWERING THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: If you could have Scott’s help for one day, with one project, what would it be? 

10 winners will be announced on our Facebook page. You have until midnight January 20th, 2021 to enter, one entry per person only. The virtual meeting will take place in February. More details will be sent to winners. Click here for contest rules.

Good luck to all participants!


  1. Stephanie Martini says:

    If you could have Scott’s help for one day, with one project, what would it be?

    It would be for him to help my fiancé and I decorate our master bedroom! We just bought a house to move into after our wedding in April (hopefully) and are stuck on how to decorate the master bedroom that suits both of us!

    1. Good luck Stephanie and congrats on your engagement! (don’t forget to check your emails about our “In The Kitchen with Mobilia” contest…)

      1. I’d love to have some help redesigning our big family room. I’d like to make sure it serves well every member of the family while being stylish. Thanks for the opportunity!

        1. Great project, good luck Julie!

          1. Nancy Trecina says:

            I’m moving into my deceased Parent’s home.
            I have a combination kitchen and family room. Would like to update and refresh both areas.

          2. Good luck Nancy 🙂

      2. My husband and 2 kids and I just bought a new house..I want to turn it into our little gem. Its been about 4 weeks and we really need some help with the main loving room area. Somewhere we can all gather around as a family.

        1. Crossed fingers, good luck Judith!

      3. I would love some help on decorating an outdoor space

      4. Hilary Lovelace says:

        My kitchen for sure. I live in the Caribbean so I know he will give something light and airy.

        1. I would love to tips for my sitting room. Need help with storage and to make better use of the room.

    2. Bryn Dewar says:

      I would love Scott’s help in redesigning our principal ensuite.

    3. Sandra maley says:

      I would ask Scott about how to update, my fairly new Kitchen, with ideas on brightening it up without it costing a fortune 🙂

      1. Good luck Sandra 🙂

      2. Marta Hrycko Daniels says:

        My mobility has become challenged and I am having great difficulty with my walking. The master bathroom needs to accommodate my mobility issues. I need a honest contractor who deals with accessibility and aids.

    4. My son just bought his first home (1 bdrm condo) it is need of renovation. Kitchen needs gutted and a couple walls to come down. We are all very handy, so ready to roll up our sleeves. I’ve done a general design, but I also acknowledge this is an art! It’s a small kitchen and only so much you can do.

      1. It is actually an art! Good luck Christine 🙂

    5. Mary Cunnagin says:

      I would like help with my living room. I recently relocated a little over a year ago, after my husband’s passing to a smaller house. The room is small and u an needing to refurbish it but not exactly sure how to make it look and feel pretty and comfortable, since it is just me now.

    6. Linda Koen says:

      If you could have Scott’s help for one day, with one project, what would it be?
      I have some ideas for my dining room, but would really love it if Scott could give ideas. The room is in the middle if the house with no windows. The challenge is to create light with no windows. The kitchen and lounge have been updated, but now need to tie the dining room in as it is situated between the 2 rooms.

    7. Julie Kennedy says:

      If I coukd have Scott’s help for one day, with one project, it would be my hone office/cat room that is partially done (new floor, desk amd chair) but needs help to make it comfortable.fortable and functional for me and my furry friends!

  2. I want to repaint the house! Beforehand I want to take down the wall between living and dining room but it may not be doable. I also want to repaint the kitchen cabinets and not sure what color scheme to go with. That’s my dilemma as it’s quite a huge undertaking

      1. I would love Scott’s help with our front entrance and stairway. It is currently wallpapered (ughhhhh!), has a fireplace, and is a complete mess! It is the first impression and needs some serious help. I know it could be beautiful but I don’t know how to make it that way.

        1. Yes to fireplace, no to wallpaper! Good luck Julie 🙂

      2. Karen McDonald says:

        I love Scott’s designs and follow all of his shows and posts! We are in the middle of a large demo and I have a real dilemma with a decision for the dining room in particular. We uncovered a large brick chimney that runs through the center of the house and are pondering how to make the dining room work with it.

      3. Wendy Nagy says:

        I have a late ‘70’s home and I love the Mid Century look which I think applies to this house….lots of Reno’s since moving in 16 yrs ago.I love Scott’s Reno’s and could use help with downstairs family rm(used to be 2 rms now 1) & bathroom(has weird tub placement & is very small!) . Also, kitchen upstairs…never ending:))!!! Thanks!

  3. Darlene Pope says:

    Our late 70’s panelling in our family recreation/games room! ?

  4. Marisa Barkhouse says:


    I am a young professional and recent first-time home buyer in the Montreal area. I am looking for some tips and tricks as I start furnishing my new condo (2016 build), particularly my living room, home office (work from home requirements means I work 8+ hours a day in an office chair), and multiple outdoor patio spaces (including one rooftop terrace)! I would really appreciate Scott’s insight as I navigate one of life’s most exciting milestones.
    Thank you for your consideration!

    1. Good luck Marisa and congratulations on this exciting time in your live!

  5. Large spaces are often challenging with multiple uses that need to be coordinated. I would like to go exploring with him his thinking process to capture the space in the best way for his client

    1. That’s a great question. Good luck Mark!

  6. Pichara Chhe says:

    I would love to pick Scott’s brain about our 90s bathroom. Big room, tiny shower, angled walls and a podium tub. Thank you for your consideration and organizing a cool contest!

    1. This sounds challenging and exciting at the same time, good luck Pichara!

  7. Desperately need Scott’s help for living room and bedroom ideas, and I could squeeze a kitchen question too – that would be wonderful.

    1. Crossed fingers, good luck Polly!

      1. Danielle Fraser says:

        Hi, I would love Scott to help me design my family room which has two entrances. It also has a corner wood fire place that throws off the whole room. I am having a difficult time deciding which way I should design the room. Should the TV be mounted facing the fireplace or facing the opposite wall where the two entrances are? Please help!!!

  8. First if all, I love watching Scott’s reno and decorating shows. He always has great taste, tips and tricks, and is Canadian. If I could have his help for a day I’d like his help on the new townhouse I just purchased. I’d like to know what upgrades I could do to get the most value out of my home if reselling. Also, how to decorate to create a cohesive flow from space to space, especially since the main floor is open concept. I’d also like to know which paint colours to use, the how to choose the right size and type of furniture, as well as help with lighting. Thanks for this opportunity!

    1. So many gret projects for your home, good luck Jaclyn!

  9. Hello!
    Newly married and just moved into our first place together. We desperately need Scott’s help! We have inherited a lot of great old furniture from family, but need to add new pieces to make it more modern and make the place feel like our own.

    Please help!

    1. Great projects ahead! Good luck to you 🙂

  10. Scott’s tv shows are inspiring, informative, helpful. Need direction for a entryway foyer, still has wallpaper that has been
    there since we purchased the home 1980. Also possibly taking down a half brick wall, installing glass railing across.
    This would make such a nice updated change to this 1950’s bungalow. Thanks very much!

    1. Sounds exciting! Good luck Suzanne 🙂

    2. Sounds exciting! Good luck Suzanne 🙂

    3. Alex babony says:

      Would love to pick Scott’s brain for our basement, we just moved into a new house and the space is very long but not wide.

      1. Great subject! Good luck Alex 🙂

  11. Just purchased our new home and very excited! But at the same time don’t know where to begin. The bedroom, dining room, and living room are the 3 areas we need the most help! Scott’s help will be very valuable to us!

    1. Sounds exciting! Good luck Karen 🙂

  12. Mona Shousha says:

    I need help redesigning the living room and office .

      1. Chantal Chartrand says:

        It is so hard to chose only one question, I have so many projects ideas. But with our new reality of working from home, I would like to transform my garage into a livable space to have a dedicated office and play room space. We don’t park our car in it since we currently use it mostly for storage. The garage is attached to our house. Thank you

      2. Tracy Hodges says:

        We would love some help designing our basement family room to create a space for our young teens to call their own and to have friends over once they can, We just returned home after 7 years on an overseas assignment so making a place for our kids that is theirs is very important to give a sense of home. We also want a space to escape to as a family to have fun!! It’s a large space and we just can’t figure out how to pull it all together to make it work.

  13. I would love to “help him” help me decorate our new home in Toronto! We recently became Permanent Residents in Canada and bought a semi-detached home in Toronto after 5 years living in a condo here. It’s hard to decorate and design a new home when stores are all closed, especially a home with a very different layout and smaller size than the nicely decorated homes you typically see online and on tv shows. Our home is renovated and has a completely open floor plan but I’m having trouble envisioning how to decorate and pull it all together. Most homes in Toronto are similar but there’s very few examples in decor and design for this style.

    1. Congrats on this new project, good luck Kristin!

      1. I would want his advice/help with renovating the principal ensuite. We have been in our house for almost 30 years and the bathroom could certainly use a facelift.

        1. Sounds like a great challenge for Scott! Good luck Kelly 🙂

          1. Theresa Genile says:

            We would love help with our basement laundry room (unfinished basement). The sump pump is located right between the washer and dryer!

  14. We live in a 1918 Georgian, federal revival style in CT, and we would greatly appreciate Scott’s help with our living room which is too formal so it’s not used very much and with his help could be a great family and party space because it leads to the side yard and garden.

    1. Sounds exciting! Good luck Diana 🙂

    2. It would be for a kitchen “facelift”. When my husband and I purchased the house a little over 8 years ago, the previous owners had just had the kitchen cabinets re-surfaced prior to selling. The kitchen still had the original layout (from the 70’s) meaning it is made for small appliances and the cupboard space is not efficient. The problem is that I really like the finishing and colour of the cabinets (they did a great job with moulding also) so I have been hesitant to demo the kitchen and would really need help figuring out how I can salvage as much of it as possible (plus, there is the whole “reduce/reuse” aspect that I like).

  15. Alexandra Taylor says:

    My mudroom / laundry room / pantry space! It needs function (storage), design, and love.

    1. Good luck Alexandra!

  16. Deb Masters says:

    I would love Scott to guide me with updating the exterior of my house to match it to the transitional design style of the interior.
    Paint the brick, replace the shutters, change the color of siding, new front door etc….

    1. Sounds exciting! Good luck Deb 🙂

  17. If I could have Scott’s help for a day it would be to help us decide how we could make a very small piece of property and cottage that has lots of grandfather clauses and some structural issues work for us. The waterfront and view is beautiful but need help w design and structure and value that’s best for us. We are ready to retire and want some serenity but also want to make sure our children get money back someday on our investment. Please come help us with your expertise.

    1. Great projects ahead! Good luck Laurie 🙂

  18. Michelle V says:

    My partner and I have been together almost 3 years. I bought our current house 1.5 years ago. I did the kitchen about 6 months ago. To save money, I kept the flooring which looked to be in good condition and attractive, but now is a major regret (they’re vinyl ‘planks’ which are sliding like crazy now/?since the reno). I would like to get a nice wood-like laminate and re-paint the main living/dining area to finish off the main floor space. Would also like to know how to refinish the half finished basement for when the time comes when we get married, we share equity into the house, and start a family. We currently have 2+1 bedrooms on the main floor of the bungalow. This would be a significant undertaking that would require some reconfiguration. We want to do it once and do it right so we can live here as long as possible. We hope to one day move up to a two storey, as currently there’s no way to have a nice master ensuite unless we do an addition, which we doubt we would get a good return on in this area down the road. Scott would undoubtedly give us some much needed advice to move forward with our projects.

    1. He’ll sure do! Good luck Michelle 🙂

  19. Joanne De Fina Pisconti says:

    If I could ask Scott 1 question…I would like ideas on the layout and design of my dining room. It’s awkward because it’s the passthrough from my entry to my kitchen. Thank you!! Love Scott and Mobilia ❤❤

    1. Good luck Joanne 🙂

  20. Christine Marentette says:

    I would ask for ideas on how to design our kitchen/great room in order to best use the space. It’s a part of our home that we use the most and I would love to maximize it’s full potential.

    1. Sounds like a great challenge for Scott! Good luck Christine 🙂

  21. I would like his input on how to pick the perfect wall art and light fixtures to create a beautiful room and connect livingroom and dining area together with accent decor pieces , would be amazing to hear an experts opinion

    1. Wall art and light fixtures are definitely must have! Good luck Jessica 🙂

  22. Jisuk Sabbag says:

    We moved to our house in Ancaster right before covid happened. So we never had a chance to shop for new furniture. Our current living room is big space filled up with old couches. If I could have Scott’s 45 minutes, I would love to go through how to re arrange our living room and get a advice on which couch would go perfect for our space. We need new furniture for our living room and I don’t know where to start!

    1. It’s often hard to know where to start indeed! Good luck Jisuk 🙂

  23. Bruna Fernandes says:

    I would love to get Scott’s help to decorate my large living room. I recently moved into a house three times larger than my previous house and it is so hard to place my furniture appropriately and choose a color scheme. Please help!!!

    1. Great challenge here! Good luck Bruna 🙂

  24. Make our loft office more organized, private and appealing. Right now it has no style. Would be a great surprise for my hubby!

    1. Good luck Julie 🙂

  25. Linda Cianfrogna says:

    Hi. I have a basement apartment that needs to be finished. I have the cabinets and appliances ready to go.
    I just needs to be finished.

    1. Good luck Linda 🙂


    Cottage! Not sure what to do with it… Tear down and start new or renovate existing.

    1. Good luck Michelle 🙂

  27. I would love help with my familyroom. My husband and I disagree on how we should change it. What the best way to change the fireplace.

  28. I would love Scott’s help in our bathroom. We are planning on adding a bath tub. We have been living that this house for almost 9 years now and the previous owners removed the tub to add a stand up shower. Showers are OK but baths are awesome. Also we need to add a fan as we only have a window there now. As you know, we hardly open the windows in the winter so the fan would be useful. Also, my boyfriend could use Scott’s help with the caulking as he is terrible.

    1. Baths are the best! Good luck Belinda 🙂

      1. Jerianne P says:

        I’m wanting to get my basement finished and have alot of questions, we had a few contractors give estimates, hoping their all good people, but I need help in the design. I loved Scott’s HGTV show, income properties, so I know he would be able to help, thanks!

      2. Catherine says:

        We would love some suggestions for kitchen storage and storage in general! Currently, we are thinking about adding a custom pantry, but afraid it’ll make the kitchen feel narrower.

  29. If I could have Scott’s help for one day it would be to get ideas to incorporate into the home we are planning to build this year. We want it to be our forever home and would like it to be functional for us now and as we age. There are beautiful designs available but they do not seem to consider older home owners.

    1. Great project ahead! Good luck Bonita 🙂

    2. Iris Johnston says:

      I have been a long time fan of all of Scott’s shows. We just finished building our retirement home a few months ago and are looking for inspiration to change it from a house into a stylish. yet comfy forever home. The main areas we need help with is our living room and master bedroom. Please help us realize our dream.

  30. Carole Peterson says:

    Could use (need) help with my kitchen. We renovated it in 1994 and it’s time again. My oak cabinets are sooo 90’s and we’ve since taken down a wall so we have more room and just can’t come up with a plan. So confused. Thanks in advance. Good luck to everyone. I’m sure we all could use his great advice.

  31. Brock Poirier says:

    If I could have Scott’s help for one day, it would be to help install a screen for our back deck. My parents have always wanted to have a screened-in porch, so having Scott’s expertise for the best way to accomplish this would be incredibly helpful. For 22+ years my parents have tried to make it happen, but never fully committed to getting it done. We can’t seem to find the right person for the job, so I would be so curious to see how Scott would make it happen!

    Also, I cannot express enough how big of a fan I am of Scott McGillivray. Dare I say, his biggest fan in all of Canada? (At least Ontario!). He has truly brought me a ton of happiness throughout my life, but most importantly throughout this pandemic. Between his Vacation House Rules show, Podcast, House Calls, and posts on Social Media, I’ve bene lucky to have his content as a source of joy and relief from the rest of what’s going on in the world. I would be so grateful to participate in this zoom call and have a very slight chance to thank him for what he’s done for me. Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  32. Marie-Helene Marcoux says:

    I took Scott’s advice for my home office, but I can’t seem to be able to finish the look with the wall decor and making it a place conducive to less distractions, more concentration and with less echo. Would love to get his thoughts on these issues!

  33. We recently purchased a lake house in Bass Lake, California and we need some design help! We have two little girls so our goal is to make awesome family memories AND to put the property on AirBnB so we can at least break even with the mortgage payment. So we want to create a comfortable modern look, without breaking the bank. Based on Scott’s previous projects we’ve seen, we think he’d be able to really give us some great advice that we could implement immediately.
    Dave & Amy

  34. As real estate investors we recently aquired a vacation rental ski chalet. So we would use the time to discuss how best to decorated the chalet to make it a high end vacation rental as well as being rental proof.

  35. Janice Mercuri-Thurley says:

    I would love to have suggestions & recommendations for our ensuite bathroom & bedroom renovation. We have done the gutting of the bathroom & purchased some items but it’s the strangest slanted walls and low ceiling bathroom I’ve seen.

  36. Betsy Ziemba says:

    I would love to have help updating my master bedroom and on suite bathroom. There is so much wasted space in the bathroom that there must be a better use of the space. I’m also stumped on what colors to use to update the rooms.

  37. Marlene Topper says:

    We are building a new home, I would love some help from Scott on new kitchen design and great room, hopefully last new home we will build and wish to have great function in this kitchen.

  38. I would love to have Scott help me with my kitchen. Our house is over 100 years old, might even have a ghost or two.
    We gutted it, back before Pinterest, or Houzz, or HGTV. It’s got ceramic tile countertops, and peeling thermofoil cabinets, a corner sink (I would never recommend) and cracking floor tiles.
    We just put new RED vinyl siding over the asbestos tile exterior and would love to match the farmhouse look we have on the outside, on the inside now. I would love affordable options to change out aspects of the kitchen, one by one, to get a cohesive vibe throughout, and make it look open and airy. All of this, in a 1000 sq ft house. Work your magic, Scott! (or tell me how to!)

  39. Lori King says:

    Hi! I would love some help with the kitchen at our small cottage. It’s a fixer upper and I don’t know where to begin with the kitchen.
    Thank you!

  40. It would be a dream come true to be able to have a 45 minutes meeting with Scott. We need a major remodeling of our family room in the basement. We’ve been in our house for 25 years now and I find our basement very dark. It has 1 window and forest green carpet (it was THE colour back then). We are in need of ideas for different types of flooring, furniture placement etc. Please it’s a SOS.

  41. Rubecka D says:

    I would like to create a comfy family room in our basement for my 2 boys and I. Its still just ICF and concrete. We’ve be building a log home for 1.5 years now and still do not have one completed space!! The basement is the most confusing for ideas.

  42. My husband and I just bought our first home! Although we are so excited there is also so much to do! I would love to have Scotts help with the living room. It will be the first room you see as you walk into the house and the main family gathering area. Im really not sure how to design and position things in this room and having Scott’s input would be such a great experience.

  43. Pamela Thompson says:

    First let me say that I absolutely love Scott’s design ideas and style. I have seen all of his shows and look forward to more.
    We live in a large house in the country that is approaching 20 years old.
    We would love some advice on how to update and refresh the overall look of both the interior and exterior of the home.


  44. Catherine Blais says:

    Our next project is our kitchen. I would love to have Scott’s advice on what to keep or what we could do ourselves to add more personality to the design. 🙂

  45. Melanie Templeton says:

    If I could have Scott’s help, I would focus on my basement. It’s partially finished and would love help to get it just right!

  46. I built an addition on my house for a new kitchen. I would ask Scott for help in backsplash tile, countertops, cabinet hardware and other areas where I can add some color. Right now everything is just different shades of grey. I am a licensed contractor and can build it I just don’t know how to design it.

  47. I would appreciate Scott’a support in helping me to create zones in my new townhouse. I purchased the home on my own and with a single income, the budget for the renovation has been quite less than ideal. Having his help to bring my vision to life with my new space would make the world of a difference to me. The living and dining room is now all open to the kitchen, with the addition of a small “flex space” across from the kitchen island. What could this space be? Scott’s ideas would be helpful in pulling the entire space together to work cohesively as one!

  48. I would love to ask Scott’s advice on how to design our office space in our soon to be renovated basement.

  49. Heather Ritz says:

    I’d need help with my den

  50. We bought a log cabin last summer and would love Scott’s help with tips on how to update the different spaces -especially the kitchen, living room & bathrooms.

  51. We just purchased a tiny home with a tiny partially finished basement. We are hoping to capitalize on the unfinished space, and possibly rent out a room as a mortgage helper. There’s not a lot of space so we will need to be creative! We would love to get Scott’s advice on this little project!

  52. I would love help with decorating our winterized sunroom facing the ocean, at our PEI cottage. Looking for plenty of seating and possibly a games area.

  53. We are re-designing our main floor and would love help with the layout to incorporate our wish list but also to ensure we make it appealing to others if we ever want to sell.

  54. I would love Scott’s help to know what I should do to update my main floor. My home is 20 years old and need to know how I should go about doing this.

  55. Melanie Parenteau says:

    If you could have Scott’s help for one day, with one project, what would it be?

    Too bad it’s only for one day, I need loads of help here but if I have to choose it would be my kitchen and family room witch are in one long room. I would love to work with Scott and beautify this room up 🙂 Please consider me!

  56. Allison Matz says:

    I would love help redecorating my living room.

  57. Carol Sargeant says:

    I would love to have advice from Scott about redoing our fireplace wall in the family room. We need some design feature to hide all the ugly wires from the TV and cable box, while beautifying the room. We need ideas to bring our family room together with the kitchen, of which it beside. He always seems to come up with improvements that are so fitting for the clients. Help us please!

  58. Jennifer Stringer says:

    I have so many project ideas and questions, but I think I’d most like to ask for Scott’s ideas on designing our basement. It’s completely unfinished, but not overly large, so an expert opinion on the best use of the space/ layout would be really helpful.

  59. My boyfriend and I each have two children and are merging households. If I could have Scott’s help for one day I would ask him how he would renovate the 2400 sq ft house we will be sharing to convert it from a 3 bedroom house to a 5 bedroom house. The kids are all teenagers so each need their own room, even if it’s small.

  60. Lynette LeBlanc says:

    Hello Scott,
    Thanks for all your awesome designs. I would love to discuss with you my 20 year old Kitchen. I’m ready to remodel the whole thing and would love your advice on it. The kitchen is such a well used room and big expense that I will value your opinion very much.
    Thanks Scott

  61. I would ask Scott to help me redecorate my family room. My home is open concept and we need help defining the space and making it more functional. ?

  62. Gretchen Parlier says:

    If I could have Scott’s help for a day, I would want to have a discussion about what improves the value of a home vs what a person might think increases the value. Whether in the actual build or the design, I’d like to know his thoughts on this for different types of RE, including multi family. Would love to talk real Estate!

  63. Stephanie says:

    Would love to pick Scott’s brain on condo decorating tips and making things flow, functional, and cozy since it’s really just one big room!

  64. Julie La Rocca says:

    If I could have Scott’s help for one day, with one project, what would it be? I have a small 2.5 bedroom vacation property in the Kawartha’s, it would be a great vacation rental, it is only about 800 sq ft. I would like to ask Scott about putting on an addition and reconfiguring the existing space to make better use of it.

  65. basement ideas for my cobourg ontario home……new amherst sub division.. scott please recommend contractors who are buget friendly for a basement . [email protected]….then i can furnish with mobilia.

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