If you don’t know him, Scott McGillivray is an influenceur, real estate expert, contractor, and television host of HGTV’s award-winning series Income Property and Scott’s Vacation House Rules. Among other television series, Scott hosts Scott’s House Call, a show in which he pays a visit to lucky families in order to completely transform one room around their home, in less than 24 hours! Mobilia is a proud partner of this program for which we provide some of the furniture in these refurbished homes. Discover some Scott’s tips along three different projects that will inspire you to try new things in your own home.

Scott’s Tips for Decorating Family Rooms

Family Room composed of a fabric sofa in grey, an area rug on the floor, a wall art, an accant chair and a coffee table. Discover Scott's tips to renovate your own family room!

I’ve always liked decorating family rooms. Unlike some of the more utilitarian rooms in the house, family rooms are purely for rest and relaxation, and it’s always fun to create a space where families can relax and spend time together. Here are my top 5 tips for decorating family rooms:

· Comfortable furniture. According to me, the most important element of any family room is the furniture. It’s all about comfort and style. In this room, I included a modern sectional sofa that every member of the family could feel comfortable falling into at the end of a long day. Accented with throw pillows and blankets, it’s the perfect spot for movie watching or family game nights.

·  An area rug to define a space. In a family room, rugs are particularly important for adding a sense of comfort and coziness. While they don’t have to cover the entire space, I suggest trying to have at least the front feet of major furniture pieces on top of it.

·  Use side tables. People tend to forgo them in smaller spaces and opt just for a coffee table, but ideally, every seat in the room should have an accent table at arm’s distance. Everyone needs a spot to set down a drink, their phone, or anything else they might need, and they shouldn’t have to reach over anyone else to do so. It won’t be possible in every room, but in a family room try your best to make it happen.

·  A wall art as a focal point. Often when you walk into a room your eye is drawn to a natural focal point – usually a fireplace or an architectural feature. If a natural focal point isn’t obvious, you can create one with artwork, a wall mirror, or some other significant item. In a family room I pretty much always suggest decorating around the focal point so the majority of the furniture fes it.”

Scott’s Tips for Decorating Dining Rooms

Dining room composed of a wooden table and storage, a leather bench, fabric chairs and pendant lamp. Discover Scott's tips to renovate your own dining room!

“2020 has brought about a lot of changes, and dining rooms are becoming more important than ever. They become our restaurants, our workspaces, and even our play areas. As a result, many people are looking to do some upgrades. Here are some easy dining room updates that will help you make this multi-functional room the best it can be:

· Table: Whether you’re entertaining guests or not, a table with an optional extension is important. People are gathering around for meals, board games, homework and so much more. This means that flexibility is key. In this room I opted for the NICOLAS dining table (made in Canada) because the extension can actually be stored underneath the table.

· Storage. When it comes to dining rooms, storage isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But a place to store extra dishes, silverware and other items should be a priority. If you have the space a sideboard is the perfect solution.

· Seating: A variety of seating is always a good idea. Personally, I like a slight mix’n’match look. The upholstered NALDA chairs were a perfect complement to the existing chairs.

· Lighting: In most cases, a dining room looks best with an overhead pendant or chandelier hanging over the table. If the room isn’t too big this will suffice, but you can also consider wall lamps, or even table lamps. My advice is to install dimmers for controlling the amount of light in a given area and it can instantly change the mood and character of a room.”

Scott’s Tips for Decorating Home Offices

Home ofice composed of a wooden desk, a lamp table, a desk chair and many storage. Discover Scott's tips to renovate your own home office!

“In my opinion, one of the best ways to get motivated while working from home is to have a proper office space where you can concentrate and block out distractions. For some this will mean a dedicated room, for others it will be a nook in another part of the house. Whatever you have to work with, try to follow these guidelines as best you can:

· Furniture: When it comes to furniture you need a good-sized desk and plenty of storage. In this room we included a large desk with two drawers, a sideboard, a tall bookcase, and some additional shelves. It may sound like a lot, but it’s always better to have more storage than you think you will need.

· Desk chair: Given how many hours you spend in it, your desk chair must be comfortable and with a nice look. In this home office I decided on the Wade office chair because not only did it suit the modern aesthetic I was going for, but it has the back support needed to keep whoever is using it comfortable for long stretches of time. 

· Lighting: In an office lighting is really non-negotiable, as you need focused light in order to see your work clearly. Make sure that you have a good table lamp that provides proper task lighting. We already strain our eyes staring at screens most of the day, don’t make it worse by limiting the lighting in your home office.  

· Décor: Your home office is part of your home, and the style of the room should reflect that. Don’t limit yourself just because this is a workspace. Include some artwork, meaningful photos and decorative objects, or whatever else you need to feel good and be productive.”

Find all Scott’s design tips on his blog and Youtube account.

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