The dining room is a place where family and friends come together. From enjoying a cup of tea to serving a full-course meal, welcoming your guests into a rich cozy space makes for the perfect setting in any occasion.

Kassandra Dekoning dining room

Kassandra Dekoning‘s dining room

Mobilia has collaborated with Kassandra Dekoning, a Canadian blogger who lives in southern rural Ontario with her husband and three kids, to guide you through the process of decorating a dining room and creating a room that truly reflects you and your family’s style.

Kassandra has decorated her own space with some of our modern furniture items and is sharing her advice with these 5 Tips to Design the Perfect Dining Room.

Kassandra Dekoning dining room area

1- Statement lighting over the dining table

To determine the proper size of the light fixture itself, Kassandra recommends adding the length and width measurements of the room together, or making sure your pendant lamp is one-half to three quarters the width of your table. Lighting is one of the first visuals you will notice in a space, good or bad! In her design, Kassandra chose the Wand pendant lamp as the perfect central piece.

Kassandra Dekoning dining room storage

Kassandra Dekoning dining room accessories

2- Adding a buffet or shelving for additional storage

A buffet or shelves provide extra storage for dishes, flatware, linens, and also serve as an area to decorate, and provide opportunity to personalize with your favourite items. Your home should reflect you!

Kassandra Dekoning dining room kitchen

3- The table

Whether it be a 100-year-old harvest table, a round tulip marble table or a live edge acacia table, like our Jura table, for Kassandra it’s important that you find one that complements your dining space, and is the correct size for your daily use.

Kassandra Dekoning dining room chair

4- Seating

Use seating that is both comfortable and functional. Mix it up by adding two “stylish” seats at the ends of the table. This is a great way to make the space feel interesting and personal.

Kassandra Dekoning dining room before


Kassandra Dekoning dining room after


5- Ground the dining area

Sometimes there can be a lot going on when there is a table, chairs, buffet, and decor all in one space. To pull all of these pieces together or to “ground” the dining table, Kassandra suggests adding in a rug to soften the overall space. Also having a backdrop that isn’t busy, like large artwork, repetitive frames on the wall or two barn doors help keep the area balanced.

As you find inspiration through these 5 Tips to Design the Perfect Dining Room, your area should be filled with modern furniture and accessories you admire. Kassandra believes that choosing your decor shouldn’t be a race. It’s important to take your time and invest your energy and thought into curating a space you want to live in.

Kassandra Dekoning dining room profile

Kassandra Dekoning is a Canadian blogger who lives in southern rural Ontario