Finding a comfortable and functional hosting piece for small spaces isn’t always easy.  A typical sofa bed is a great solution if you have a lot of space; but what if this is not the case? Nowadays, we look for furniture that does not occupy a big amount of space, but can be repositioned easily according to our needs.

Whether you need to be sitting up straight, be partly laid back for a comfortable movie night, or need an extra bed for a guest spending the night, having a piece that is flexible and that provides options is always essential!Here are some solutions to make sure that your guests have a comfortable night even if your space is limited:

Versatile DuoDuo Sofa Bed for Small Spaces

Do not be fooled by its modern style, this sofa can also turn into a bed! The smart design of the VERSATILE DUO has the backrest sitting slightly lower, for a more comfortable feel and a minimalist look.  As your evening comes to an end, turn your modern sofa into a comfortable bed option for one or even two guests.

Versatiles Chaise

Versatile Sofa Bed for Small Spaces

Can this chaise be transformed into three different positions? Talk about versatile! Both fashion forward and timeless, the VERSATILES CHAISE is filled with high-density foam, for a high-end comfort that is also durable. Your guests may no longer want to leave!

Versatiles Mini

Versatile Chair Bed for Small Spaces

Make the most of a small space, or simply enjoy the versatility of a smartly-designed convertible piece of furniture. The VERSATILES MINI is ideal for apartments or any small space.

Versatile sofa

Split Sofa Bed for Small Spaces

Hello possibilities! The smart design of the VERSATILE SOFA not only goes from bed to sofa in a snap, it also triples as a two-person chaise. With four possible positions, this sofa adapts perfectly to the needs of your family and guests.

Finding versatile furniture can be very difficult. That is why this collection is a great solution! Adaptable, comfortable, and stylish, these four pieces combine functionality and versatility while offering options that take up a little space for a maximum amount of comfort. Be ready to receive your loved ones more often!