On February 25th, employees, collaborators, customers and friends were invited to an incredible event to commemorate our 50th anniversary! We took this opportunity to introduce our 4 anniversary collections inspired by the magic of the 1960s… the year of independence!

An era highlighted with great pride. Chic and colorful, the famous decade spoke about love and ambition like never before. We aimed for the stars. Years marked by innovation leading to many successful revolutions: art, music, design… truly a source of inspiration. Nothing is too beautiful!

The Sareen, Soots, Sunki and Suffa collections, which were presented to our guests during the event, were the result of 18 working months; trips, researches and building sessions to produce collections that offer a revamped mid-century style. Welcome to 1966: The creation of Mobilia.

Celebrate our 50th anniversary throughout 2016: A world of surprises, events and celebrations await you!

By the way, have you read the article on our latest contest? Go ahead – there might be a gift in it for you soon!

We would like to thank our collaborators: A1djs (DJ, sounds and lights), Les Affamés (finger foods and cocktails), Bet.e and Stef (“live” music) and Celsius Communications (loyal organizers) for this memorable event.

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