Not us fantasizing about our picture-perfect outdoor space before the buds have even started blooming! The right outdoor furniture is the first step to the kind of backyard or balcony you can spend all summer lounging in. Get all our tips below. 

Bring comfort outside 

Foldable festival chairs belong at festivals, not in your backyard. Creating a calming outdoor space for unwinding requires comfort because not even the most beautiful patio furniture in the world can satisfy your guests if the pieces feel uncomfortable. We’re all about comfortable and functional furniture for lounging or entertaining. No one wants to worry about excess sweat or feeling stiff the next day because of rigid, non-breathable polymer. 

Resistant materials

The secret to better outdoor furniture is what it’s made with! Your furniture should be weather-resistant, but it also needs to retain its curb appeal instead of becoming instantly sun-bleached after a few weeks outside. That’s why we designed our outdoor collection in aluminum, teak, and UV- and weather-resistant synthetic fibres. Aluminum is rust-resistant and tough, but it’s incredibly lightweight. Teak is pest-proof and demands so little while maintaining its elegance — it only requires a thin coat of oil to stay in such pristine shape. With such high-quality, timeless and resilient materials, you’ll find yourself tempted to spend all your evenings outside — even the rainy ones.

Outdoor dining room

High-quality teak 

If it seems as though teak is just becoming more popular with each passing year, that’s because it is. Teak is a type of wood with exquisitely unique properties. As we said before, it’s naturally an insect repellant, so you don’t have to worry about termites devouring it. Besides that, teak is one of the few types of wood that never decomposes, which makes it highly suited for outdoor furniture. This hardwood is used in manufacturing ship decks and footbridges. Built to last is how we do it. 

Summer outdoor accessories

We don’t tend to treat our outdoor spaces with the same approach to design as our interiors. As far as we’re concerned, any space — no matter how small it may be — should always be decorated with care. During summertime, plants and flowers add pops of colour to balconies or yards, so why not make it even brighter by choosing chic, unique planter pots to pile on the elegance? Trendy outdoor cushions add durability, while an outdoor rug will keep your feet pampered while protecting them from rough wood or cement surfaces. Finally, the proper outdoor lighting, like accent lamps, creates a moody, cozy vibe under the stars. Consider your outdoor space an extension of the home. It deserves to be treated just as you would any room inside the house. 

Beautiful weather beckons us outside. Whether you’re looking to unwind, spy on your neighbours (we won’t tell), or want to WFH in the yard, your comfort should always come first. Now is the ideal moment to discover all Mobilia’s outdoor furniture and accessories — these pieces are so durable and built to last for summers to come.

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