The 1960’s were marked with fashion, culture, and by trends. It was the golden age where bright colours, the endless array of patterns, and a multitude of geographical shapes appeared. Fashion exploded, fabrics and textures developed into new classics, and conformity became unorthodox. Find out how you can capture the essence of this period in ’60s inspired retro style.These are the trademarks that first come to our minds when we think of the sixties. This was our inspiration for the creation of our new line of accessories; patterns, colours, fabrics, and of course timelessness.

Redeveloping Patterns and ColorsRetro style patterns: Spoot cushion

The materials from the sixties were characterised by shapes and by colors. They had structured and graphic forms that were reminiscent of the conservative 1950’s while remaining loyal to the 60’s with the bright and attention grabbing colors.  Redeveloping this style with the SPOOT cushions and with the SPOOT throws enables homeowners to reconsider the crazy patterns and pop colours that were forgotten throughout the years. This retro-inspired yet exceptionally timeless, quilted cushion is ready to complete your favourite sofa, chair, or bed.

Spoot throw: retro style

Retro style fabrics like feltAccessorising as in the sixties

Felt, the fabric that has been transformed from the hats of the sixties to the easy solutions for the busy nomadic worker of the 21st century. The CANTIN products bring back the classics of that time. A material that is resistant to friction, water-repellent and shock-resistant; made with cow leather with aniline finish, a soft, supple leather with natural grain where the imperfections become a valued characteristic of the products.  We may not wear felt hats as much nowadays, but this fabric is too valuable to not incorporate more in our lives now and in the years to come.

Retro style Sunki Floorlamp
Furniture theatricals

The sixties were not exclusively characterised by materials and colours. The dramatic structures and designs were also a key factor defining that period. Reinventing this style meant bringing the theatrical back to home furnishing.   Take for example this retro style SUNKI floor lamp that is nostalgic of the 1960`s. Wickedly stylish, this 3-arm floor lamp will stand tall as your next favourite statement piece. The 3-arm design allows for infinite lighting possibilities, while the arrangement of pieces stands outside of trends and times.


This new collection is a source of inspiration for all homeowners. Just as fashions from the past become the trends of the present, home furnishing also reflects this principal.




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