A leather or fabric sectional living room set is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will find in a home because it is located in the main area when hosting parties, for movie nights, or simple cocooning sessions. Sectionals offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. The number of possibilities and styles available can bring up many questions. We have therefore prepared a small guide to inspire and help you to better define which product suits you best.

What style of living room arrangement with sectionals should you choose?

First, start by establishing your criteria.

Are you looking for a sofa that will fit in your condo?

Make sure you know the room’s dimensions for an informed choice. For example, ROCKLAND, a leather sofa, is a very interesting option for small spaces. It will let you create an intimate setting because it is more compact than the standard sectional living room sets.

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Rockland sectional sofa

Are you looking for a leather or fabric sectional?

It is important to choose the right fabric so that the sectional living room design complements your decor. The FUNKTION sectional set, for example, is available in leather or fabric, and offers a perfect combination of style, comfort and practicality.

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Are you looking for a multipurpose sectional?

Combine purpose with pleasure by combining several options. For example, the ESPE sectional set can easily be transformed into a sofa bed. Functional and elegant!

What are the advantages of a sectional?

Living room arrangements with sectionals offer more configuration possibilities than conventional sets. They often combine several characteristics such as storage, electric tilt mechanism, a comfortable lounging sofa, and snap-lock headrests.

With all these options, sectionals are perfect for creating a warm and attractive environment. If you would like to have more freedom of assembly, modular sofas are for you! These sets include individual pieces with a side finishing that allows you to put them together as you see fit.

Ellemia modular sofa

Where should you place your sectional in relation to your television?

Here is a great question asked by many people! There are several ways of placing your sectional. The most classic configuration is where the sofa is facing the television and the lounge chair is on the left. This configuration allows the storage footstool to be used as a coffee table. The set can then be reconfigured as a sofa-bed when you have guests staying overnight.

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As for the distance separating your television from your sofa, it all depends on your device’s diagonal screen size as well as its resolution. According to the screen’s resolution, multiply the diagonal size by 2.5 to 7 for the optimum TV viewing distance. For example, for a Full-HD 1080p 40-inch screen diagonal, you must place the sofa between 100 (40 x 2.5) and 120 inches (40 x 3) away, so between 2.54 and 3 metres. You can also rely on your common sense and personal preferences!

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