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Trends 21 June 2017

Go Bold with Geometrics!
By Janette Ewen

You know the old saying about diamonds being a girl’s best friend? The same is true for decorators. From diamonds and parallelograms (which are basically diamonds stretched out at their tips) to circles, squares and triangles, few motifs are as punchy and versatile as geometrics.

Trends 30 September 2016

The look of marble – By Janette Ewen

To me, there is nothing more delightful design-wise than marble. When it comes to designing or styling a space, I always like to include a touch of marble. I think it can entirely make a space; it adds quiet, timeless luxury and shows confidence in understanding materials.

Trends 19 August 2016

Mixed metals in your home decor

The rich tones, the instant touch of glam and luxury…metallic pieces can make all the difference in an otherwise ordinary decor. Whether you’re a gold fanatic (like us) or just starting to warm up to the trend…there’s nothing better than adding a touch of richness to your home. And why stop with just one?  Mixing metals is an edgy trend that if done correctly, can look timeless.

Lifestyle 4 May 2016

Janette Ewen’s “Must Visit” London Design Tour

It’s no secret that I love to travel. Sometimes I can take up to 15 flights a month. While a lot of my travel is for work, I try, no matter where I am—to explore the area a little. I find that exploring places keeps me inspired for my interior design projects and wallpaper designs. This past January I had the pleasure of visiting London for a photo shoot.