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Trends 10 August 2021

Japandi 2.0

Last year, we told you how the Japandi hybrid style featuring the best of Japanese and Scandinavian designs could transform your living space into an environment that invites zenitude and well-being. Today, it has been reinvented and has become Japandi 2.0. Come and see this anticipated but successful reinvention of a brand-new classic in interior design.

Trends 3 February 2021

Trends: predicting the future by keeping an eye on the present

What are trends based on and how do they arise? Why are groups of people drawn to a particular style or colour? How do certain themes become universal, exerting an appeal from Buenos Aires to Moscow and gaining a foothold in everyday life? Decorating trends often reflect a shared sensibility, kind of like a Polaroid of the zeitgeist. By studying them, we can imagine what tomorrow has in store.