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Trends 30 September 2016

The look of marble – By Janette Ewen

To me, there is nothing more delightful design-wise than marble. When it comes to designing or styling a space, I always like to include a touch of marble. I think it can entirely make a space; it adds quiet, timeless luxury and shows confidence in understanding materials.

Tips, Trends 14 October 2015

Janette Ewen’s tips, tricks and favourite living room must-haves

When updating or redecorating your home, it’s important to think of each space (or room) not only for its functional use (eating, sleeping, working), but you also need to think of the room as a “personality”. For example, the kitchen is the hardworking hub, sort of like central operations the dining room is the ultimate host or hostess and the living room, well this is a unique one, the living room’s personality needs to cater to entertaining, relaxing and daily living—sort of like the kitchen with a little more swagger.

Tips 30 September 2015

Sectional living room sets – combining style, comfort, and practicality

Contemporary living room sectionals are essential when hanging with family or friends whether you live in an apartment, loft, condo, country house, or town house. A leather or fabric sectional living room set is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will find in a home because it is located in the main area when hosting parties, for movie nights, or simple cocooning sessions.

Tips 10 October 2014

Leather: Tips, benefits, and maintenance

Leather is one of our favourite materials. No matter how it’s used, it always conveys elegance. But if we look beyond the texture, leather ages beautifully, and it can even tell a story. It is a completely natural material, with gorgeous nuances and unique marks from one piece to another.

Tips, Trends 17 August 2014

Armchairs and ottomans:
Relaxing at home

It’s such a lovely feeling to kick back and relax in a space that you’ve made your own. Have you ever thought of setting up a nice little reading nook? (Who wants to be glued to an iPad all day, when there’s something so relaxing about a good book).