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Tips 1 August 2019


Whether you work at home or simply need to spend time handling email and paperwork, a home office space can be an essential addition to your home. The challenge is designing it to truly fit your needs. Here are six ideas for setting up a stylish home office.

Tips 30 May 2019


Nature is known to reduce stress, depression, anger, and frustration. It can positively affect your mood and concentration. It can even improve overall health, in addition to having a calming and peaceful effect on people. Therefore, to embellish your interior with natural touches, here are five ways to invite nature indoors:

Tips 28 January 2019

Choosing the right type of lighting for your home

Choosing the right type of lighting and light fixtures for your home can be somewhat of a challenge. How about installing overhead lighting at the proper height? Well, that’s a whole other story… Not to mention how a lack of light can contribute to the winter blues. To help shed some light on your interior lighting options, here are some useful tips.

Inspiration 29 November 2018

‘Tis the Season of Natural and Festive Tables

With the holidays just around the corner, we can’t think of anything more enjoyable than preparing all the festivities: menu, gifts, and decorations … Time to get into the spirit!

Without a doubt, the dining room is at the heart of your celebrations with friends and family. Here are some tips and advice to create a natural and festive table to host a joyous and welcoming dinner reception.

Tips 13 September 2018

Marble: your guide to maintenance and repair

Marble is widely recognized for its elegance, refinement, and ability to instantaneously add cachet to any décor. As is the same for most materials, proper upkeep and care are essential so your pieces last a lifetime. Here are our easy (and essential!) maintenance tips for preserving the beauty and colour of your marble furniture.