Last summer, we held a contest with Le Domaine du Ridge, a winery that we absolutely fell in love with located in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec.  This year, the Domaine is opening Le Old Mill 1849, a Bistro & Auberge located in picturesque Stanbridge-East. Read on to find out how you could win a charming getaway for two to Quebec’s oldest vine-growing region.

Concours Old Mill Contest
Old Cornell Mill in Stanbridge East

Located along the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route just north of the Vermont border, Stanbridge-East is a charming historical village nestled among rolling hills and green valleys.  The old Cornell Mill, with its wooden waterwheel and red brick façade, stands as a testament of simpler times where the mill was the hub of economic and social activity.

Across the street from the mill stands what once was the Cecil House, a 19th century hotel which had fallen into a state of disrepair for some time. Lovingly restored in 2017 by the same owners as the Domaine, the building has been given a second life as Le Old Mill 1849, a Bistro & Auberge offering guests 5 comfortable rooms that have been aptly named after surrounding villages. The bistro’s mission is to promote local ingredients and products through a simple (and delicious!) yet refined menu.

Concours Domaine Contest
Cecil House Hotel

Activities include a kayak adventure along the Pike River offered by Le Old Mill, driving along picturesque roads to discover the quaint towns and the myriad of activities the Eastern Townships have to offer, followed by a relaxing evening sipping a glass of wine in the piano bar.

This summer, Mobilia and Le Domaine du Ridge are offering you a chance to win a gourmet weekend getaway in this beautiful region.

To enter the contest, simply comment below on who you’d like to bring along on this delicious adventure!

One lucky winner will be announced on our Facebook page.
The winner will also be contacted directly

4 prizes to be won!

Concours Old Mill Contest

The grand prize consists of:

  • Dinner for two at Le Old Mill 1849 located in Stanbridge East (up to a $100 value)
  • One night’s accommodation in the Inn located above the Old Mill
  • A bottle of Le Domaine du Ridge’s Berthelot-Paradis sparkling wine
  • A Épicurien* package for two at the Domaine du Ridge’s Vineyard
  • $500 in travel credit
  • Three other Épicurien* packages for two will also be drawn


Furthermore, the Domaine du Ridge is offering a special rebate and gift to Mobilia clients. Be sure to mention this article when reserving at  [email protected]

Concours Domaine du Ridge Contest

*The Épicurien package includes, per person:

  • Presentation of the vineyard’s history with a guided tour with commentary on the life of the vintner
  • Tasting of the Domaine’s ten multiple award-winning wines and introduction to wine tasting with a professional sommelier
  • Tasting of local products with butcher board for two or four including a selection of cheeses, rillettes, pâté, saucisson, smoked ham and more

About the Domaine du Ridge Winery

Domaine du Ridge was born in 1996 in the bucolic Champlain valley at the end of a path where the trees form an absolutely magnificent green tunnel. This family business is made up of a dynamic team where customer experience and product quality are their priorities. The ten wines produced on site offer a wide range of flavors for lovers of red, white, rosé, sparkling and specialties. With its 85,000 vines in production, the Domaine is one of the largest vineyards in Quebec. It has been quoted by several sommeliers and journalists specialized in wine in La Presse, Le Devoir, TVA, Le Guide Lapeyrie and more.

Concours Domaine du Ridge Contest


  1. I would love to take my husband of almost 17 years!

    1. This sounds fantastic! I would love to go and bring my partner Troy to experience the winery!


    2. Hello! I would like to take Diane, a woman who has stayed married to me for 35 years! She keeps giving me “Going Away” presents but I won’t go!! Ha! Ha! It would be wonderful to take her away for a couple of days because she has nursed me through a nasty heart attack. It would be nice for her to have some wonderful wine without the whiner. You all sound like lovely people so good luck!

    3. I would take my best friend of 56 years Isabelle. We love a girls getaway and this one sounds great! Good Luck everyone!

  2. Nikkie Quero says:

    I’d love to bring my fiancé, John to celebrate our recent engagement. It would be the perfect celebration since our first getaway was to a winery in Niagara Falls.

  3. Jessica Pang says:

    I would love to take my husband on this fabulous trip!

  4. Michael Kassak says:

    I would bring my best friend and soon to be wife – holly caporiccio.

  5. No one other than my one and only ? to celebrate another year of life..

  6. Marina Luong says:

    I would LOVE to go on this getaway with my boyfriend! We’ve been slowly exploring all the different wine regions of Canada one by one and would be ecstatic to be able to add this to our list!

  7. I would bring along my husband! We love wine, and also the Eastern Townships.

  8. Sandy Trojansek says:

    I would love to bring one of my closest friends!!

  9. Kelly Ponce says:

    I would take my husband of 23 years on this amazing escape. We have been dealing with a health concern that brings a whole new meaning to the word “challenge”. This would be an incredible break from reality and exactly what the doctor ordered.

  10. Taryn Beaurivage says:

    I would bring my best friend Jen! We have been so busy lately had no time to catch up and have a girls weekend. This would mean the world!!! I miss her!

  11. Christine says:

    This is a great contest, Mobilia! I would love to take my husband with me if I won the contest. We are newlyweds that just got married and it would be meaningful to explore Quebec in this special year for both us and Canada!

  12. Patrice Bard says:

    I’d love to bring the love of my life to the beautiful province of Quebec !! What a beautiful place !! My husband and I always enjoy visiting Quebec… so full of interesting places, great food, wonderful people, beautiful architecture and topography!! And, of course the wine

    1. What a beautiful comment Patrice! We love having people discover the sights, sounds and tastes that inspire us. Best of luck for the contest!

  13. I would bring my mom for a girl’s getaway weekend, as thanks for all the things she does for me 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel 🙂 What mom wouldn’t love a gourmet getaway with her daughter? Good luck to the both of you for the contest!

  14. Rosane Mirck says:

    I’d bring along my husband!

    1. Hello Rosane! I’m sure your husband would be very happy that you took him to such a wonderful place 🙂 Good luck on the August 15th draw!

  15. I would love to bring my boyfriend Roman! He never goes on vacation and totally deserves to go on such a trip. He has learned French and loves wine, so he would enjoy this so much.

  16. Hi! I love the couches that I bought from Mobilia and soon I’ll be coming back to buy a sectional! I would love to win this trip with Peter Buffone! Please pick us!! We could really use a getaway!


  17. Evelyne Guindon says:

    Who would I like to bring on a delicious adventure to Domaine du Ridge? The answer to this question is easy. My husband Greg who cuddles with me on our favourite Mobilia couch.

  18. Catherine boyd says:

    Sounds like fun! I would bring my husband.

  19. Maria Eminidou says:

    Would love to go with Julien Lussier 🙂

  20. Omg…I would bring my handsome husband and life partner of 34yrs! So looking forward to this as my birthday is on Aug 26th day after the draw. How perfect, and thank you. We are loving our Rockland sectional. It was the perfect addition to our home.

  21. Alanna Athaide says:

    I’d love to explore Quebec’s wine region with my new husband!

  22. This sounds awesome! I’d love to take my husband! We rarely ever get out of the city and have NEVER been away together on a “destination vacation” just the 2 of us in the 7 years we’ve been together. This would be a fantastic little break for us 🙂

  23. I’d bring my husband! He’s the one who got me liking wine. He helped me discover all the different kinds of flavours, outside of what I was served (and did not like). I’d most grateful to go on a taste adventure with him and be reassured that I’d enjoy myself!

  24. Oops Bday is Aug 16th…

  25. German Gold says:

    Being a wine lover, our Quebec wine regions is an adventure I must do. I`m certain it`d be a wonderful experience.

  26. Corina Sferdenschi says:

    I would love to bring my boyfriend along on this adventure as he is a big wine enthusiast and I am slowly getting into it as well.
    This opportunity would create a much needed relaxation and break from the hectic pace of our lives at the moment.
    In addition it would give us the chance to explore the Easter Townships of Quebec, a region well known for great landscapes and adventures.

  27. Stephane Boisvert says:

    I would bring my wife, Julie, of course, and her birthday is coming up in August so this would be a perfect gift.

  28. Caroline Kennedy says:

    This would be absolutely wonderful and of course I would take my spouse.

  29. Alexandra Cross says:

    I would bring my boyfriend for our 9 year anniversary! <3

  30. George Faria says:

    Would bring my girlfriend.

  31. I would go with my wife Teresa on this lovely trip.

  32. I would love to share this delicious opportunity with my wonderful boyfriend Zac!

  33. Dalila Boukhaloua says:

    I would love to take my most amazing husband and best friend Carlos Isidoro…With 3 kids under 5, a little getaway to this incredible spot would be a great way to cap off the summer of 2017…Thank you 🙂

  34. I would bring my boyfriend Roman on this trip with me! He has learned French and loves wine, so he would enjoy this trip very much.

  35. Kristopher Wekarchuk says:

    Sounds like the perfect place. Living in Québec and see, another hidden gem that I’d never heard of. My wife and will definitely enjoy should we win! 🙂

  36. Kim Harper says:

    I would love to go with my boyfriend Max! We are wine lovers and have never been to a winery. I think this would be the best way to start the summer offf and to get a taste of our very first winery experience!
    Would be forever grateful 🙂

  37. A getaway for two to Quebec’s oldest wine-growing region? I made the error of researching Domaine du Ridge and… I fell in love. It would be amazing to be able to share this new love with my love.
    Thank you, Sonia

  38. Aisha Jakhura says:

    I would bring my friend Melissa 🙂

  39. My mom of course! She deserves a good girl’s trip!

  40. Kay Burke says:

    How lovely of DOMAINE DU RIDGE and MOBILIA to offer this lovely sounding getaway in an idyllic setting. My husband and I love to travel and explore on the weekends and this would certainly fit the bill. A lovely surprise trip..Fun, great food and wine & a lovely area to visit. Interesting to read how large a winery Domaine du Ridge is – had no idea.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to visit.

  41. Marie Anne says:

    Ohhhhh what a dreamy place.
    I would bring my boyfriend, no question !

  42. Christopher Sisto says:

    I would love to bring my wife! We got married in August last year and haven’t had the opportunity to take a honeymoon as we’ve decided to purchase a new home (which we are moving into next week and are expecting delivery for a beautiful new Mobilia St Urbain couch :).
    This would be the perfect way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and take a much-needed getaway after our move!

  43. MaryAnn Notarianni says:

    I’d take my husband – he loves wine, food and travel as much as I do and this would be the perfect getaway for us

  44. My perfect imperfection, dear husband of mine.

  45. I would love to take my boyfriend as we’re celebrating our 5 year anniversary this summer and it looks like an absolutely beautiful place to spend it!

  46. Isabelle Dion says:

    Allo! Je serais accompagné de mon conjoint qui a travaillé dur un gros projet au cours des derniers mois et n’a pas eu une fin de semaine de congé. Il raffole de la bonne bouffe et adore les vins. Les vins dans son cellier se boivent plus vite qu’il se rempli!

  47. I would love to bring my Mum to the Eastern townships! This would be the perfect holiday getaway for her!

  48. I would bring my husband :).

  49. Giancarlo Cerquozzi says:

    I would bring my partner, so that we can celebrate our recent academic achievements (graduating law school and completing my Master’s degree).

  50. bryan murray says:

    I would bring my partner for a relaxing time

  51. I would bring my boyfriend for a lovely getaway. Wonderful idea!

  52. My companion-friend-husband for the last 15 years

  53. Shelley Fairfield says:

    I would bring the LOML. We’ll be apart most of the summer and will need an escape!

  54. I’d take my future hubby!

  55. Erika Duplan says:

    Would love to bring my wine-loving fiancé, Andtal Volny, to this beautiful place 😀
    Thank you for setting up this contest and opportunity for us 🙂

  56. Emily McCronin says:

    My husband – we rarely get a chance to get away

  57. Lisa thiess says:

    I would take a very special friend of mine, heather as she has just overcome second stage breast cancer and after 2 years of battling this she now has recovered and has a great new pair of breasts. She needs a break: )

  58. I’d go with my Girlfriend. perfect birthday gift add-on, as she’s born on august 16th 🙂

  59. I would bring my husband for this romantic getaway.

  60. Marilyn Steadman says:

    I would love to bring my husband as we are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this year.

  61. This sounds so lovely! I would love to bring my husband. We would love to explore this area of Quebec !

  62. Lorraine John-McPhee says:

    I would bring my husband. We have a 3month old baby and haven’t had any time time alone or together to do anything as a couple since our darlings’ arrival. We are thrilled to be new parents but need a get away to celebrate 9 years together and our upcoming 5th wedding anniversary. This would be an amazing getaway and opportunity!
    Many thanks, Lorraine John.

  63. Annie Karasseferian says:

    I’d love to take my husband. We just got married less than a month ago and this would be a perfect mini honeymoon with good food and good wine. Fingers crossed!

  64. Wow! What a fabulous opportunity this would be! Great idea Mobilia! I would love to bring my husband, my high school school sweetheart, we would be celebrating 2 years of marriage and over 15 years together! The first pieces of furniture we ever bought to anchor our new home a few years back was the stunning dining table, Times Square and the Elisio Fabric sectional. We’ve bought a few other pieces throughout the years but these are my favourite. Even with our Jack Russell, both these pieces still look brand new. Timeless! Much like this trip! Thank you again and Good luck!

  65. Would be with my wife “Najat” to celebrate our 27th celebration of love, trust, and partnership!

  66. I would like to bring my Mom. As a retirement celebration. She deserves this nice gateway.

  67. I would love to take my boyfriend – it seems like an absolutely magical getaway. 🙂

  68. I’d love to take my soon to be wife! (August 19, 2017). This would be an amazing getaway!

  69. Terry Brazeau says:

    Goes without saying my girlfriend is the only one I would bring on this wonderful weekend getaway!!

  70. Much needed time away with husband! Been overwhelmed this past year. Would love some time to rebond!

  71. I would love to be with my husband. We got married in 2013 since we have been planning to go for our honey moon to Canada. ?
    So may be it is the opportunity for us. ?

  72. Travis Leslie says:

    I would like to bring my beautiful wife for our 13 year anniversary

  73. Chantelle Fowlie says:

    My boyfriend and I enjoy our wine. This would be a lovely getaway for us!

  74. Kristen A. says:

    I would love to take my husband to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! 🙂

  75. It’d be a wonderful way to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary, so I’d take my husband of course!

  76. Stephanie G says:

    This would be a beautiful “getaway from the everyday” for my husband, Matteo, and I.

  77. Such an beautiful place… would love to take my girlfriend there, we both need a little getaway right about now!

  78. I would bring my husband. We are both HUGE wine lovers and are definitely in need of a romantic getaway!!

  79. Janice Vincent says:

    This would be a wonderful mother-daughter bonding time. My daughter Julie teaches Grade 4 French immersion, and I would love to visit this delightful region of Quebec with her.

  80. John, my husband. We’ve just started semi-retirement and August 16th. is our 42nd. Wedding Anniversary!!
    P.S. Just moved my marble boardroom table (purchased at Mobilia 30 years ago) from the office to home – refused to give it up!!

  81. I would bring my husband Ron to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

  82. My partner Mike, his employer sold the company, and Mike got squeezed out. We postponed our summer vacation so this would cheer him (us) up!

    Lucie Pitt,, faithful Mobilia client for my clients 🙂
    President Versa Style Design, Montreal

  83. I would love to surprise my wife with a trip there!

  84. I would love to take my wife for our 10 year anniversary. The area looks gorgeous and would be a great memory to keep.

  85. Annie Phaneuf says:

    If I was to be your lucky winner I would of course bring my husband. We have been together over 28 years, yet I find myself discovering incredibly beautiful things about this man. I never knew I could keep falling in love with the same person over and over again…

  86. Sounds like a great way to spend time with a special friend so I would definitely bring my BFF who I’ve known for 40 years!

  87. I would love to bring my dear friend Anna on this getaway. We both have happy memories of earlier times spent in the Eastern Townships with our husbands, and would love to make new memories there now that we are both on our own (having lost our husbands recently due to death and divorce). Thank you Mobilia!

  88. Philippe Stas says:

    Buying furniture is often linked to new beginnings… a renovated room or house, a move, a significant other joining your life. In my case it’s all at once!!! Moving into a new home to start a new journey with this very special person that is becoming more and more important to me.
    A few days out in the country with my new partner in life would be the icing on the cake!

  89. Paul Shields says:

    I would take my lovely pregnant wife! I would drink wine and she could drive me to and from said wine!
    And obviously we would have to ditch our already born child with her grandparents!
    Yes, this sounds terrific.

  90. Lori Steacy says:

    I would bring my friend France, she is having a difficult medical issue and could really use time away to relax with a good friend while enjoying some wine!

  91. Hi, This place looks absolutely charming and very romantic. I would bring my girlfriend, Tracey She’s more of a beer drinker, but I am slowly converting her to becoming a wine drinker. She and I would have an amazing time away and I hope you give us the opportunity of going. That would be totally awesome.

    Susan B.

  92. magda legrand says:

    My husband. We to get away for a weekend. Would be so much fun.

  93. Susan Neal says:

    Would love to try out a Quebec winery! I am unemployed (employer downsized about 35 of us) and suffered a back injury – so some good news would be very welcome. Cheers!

  94. Tara Liberman says:

    I would love to enjoy a nice girls trip with my best friend!

  95. Jelena Todic says:

    I would love the opportunity to spend a romantic weekend away with my boyfriend for our one year anniversary that is fast approaching.

  96. Elizabeth Giacinti says:

    My daughter gave me a watercolour picture of Quebec many years ago. It hangs in my living room and I admire it daily. I have never really been to Quebec and it has been on my bucket list for a long time.
    My daughter and I would love to have a weekend getaway to Quebec to see your beautiful province and learn about your wine region. It sounds like a glorious adventure.
    Whether I win or not, after learning of this wine region, I may have to put it at the top of my list

  97. Chandra Legault says:

    I would love to bring along my husband, Paul, on this delicious adventure for our 1st anniversary!!

  98. Genevieve says:

    I’ll bring my Hubsand for sure!

  99. Elliot Yeo says:

    I just moved to Quebec so I’ll find some beautiful in Montreal to bring!

  100. I would love to bring my boyfriend on this lovely trip!

  101. Gayle Graham says:

    I would bring my husband, Ian. We feel fortunate to live in southern Georgian Bay, which has its own growing viniculture and epicurean attractions amid stunning environs. Who wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to see what the scene is like in Quebec, particularly as it’s been a long time since our last visit. This spot looks tres beau and sounds absolument delicieuse!

  102. I’ll bring my husband. It all sounds so lovely and I have not been east at all.

  103. Chandra Legault says:

    I would love to bring my new husband because this would be a mini honeymoon…which we never had the opportunity of going on 🙂

  104. B Chercover says:

    I would bring my wife, Grainne Goodwin

  105. holly caporiccio says:

    I’d love this trip, I’d bring along my soon-to-be husband Michael for much needed relaxation (and lots of wine!) after a year of no vacations, and copious amounts of wedding planning and house renovations.

  106. Makenzie W says:

    My mother would L O V E this. She loves wine and is in dire need of a getaway!

    I would definitely take her!

  107. Donna Bomberry says:

    I would love to take my longtime friend Cindy. We have been friends for 35 years, since university. She works so hard and rarely gets away for any social time.

  108. Monique Brien Maglieri says:

    Oh my God! I would surprise my husband and finely be able to celebrate our 35th anniversary that we keep putting off for the last two years. Well, 37 years is still something to celebrate I think. Thanks!

  109. Sophie Haynes says:

    I would definitely take my husband, Kevin. We moved to Canada 2 years ago and this would be a great way to get to know the local area (and the local wine!)
    Good luck everyone x

  110. Suzanne Johnstone says:

    Would love to take this trip for our 20th Anniversary!! Sounds divine!

  111. Denise Kane says:

    I would bring my best friend who has been an incredible support to me while going through a divorce. Time to start fresh, in Quebec would be awesome as I love wine, my name means “Goddess of wine”

    Denise Kane

  112. I would most definitely go with my fiancé! He would love this!!

  113. Gale Hems says:

    I would bring my husband of 33 years. This sounds like a wonderful adventure!

  114. My husband would be thrilled to hear I was taking him to celebrate our anniversary in August with a weekend getaway at your winery. Special moments to remember.

  115. i would like to bring my lovely girlfriend Nicole

  116. sheena fung says:

    My husband and 2 kids on our first trip as a family!

  117. Kathy Lemmert says:

    Stephen, definitely Stephen.

  118. J’aimerais amener avec moi ma cousine, qui m’a donné un sérieux coup de main quand mon univers s’est effondré et qui est toujours la pour les voisins, collègues, amis et famille quand ils en ont besoin. C’est une perle rare et j’aimerais lui offrir une petite sortie pour qu’elle relaxe et prenne du temps pour elle pour une fois!

  119. Filomena Pietrangelo says:

    Mobilia! What a great idea! I would take my very hard working husband on a little getaway from our 3 kids and a very demanding job.

  120. Christine and Michael says:

    I stated to date my new sweetheart 16 months ago and we decided to make it a go and move in together last October. We are in our late 50’s and are committed to making this, our second relationship, the eternal one!
    Bonne chance à tous!

  121. Stephanie Narayansamy says:

    I would bring my boyfriend, we are moving out together and this would be a great trip!

  122. My beautiful love, Stephanie, because we’re both foodies!

  123. Stephanie Girard says:

    I would love to bring my amazing bf!

  124. Dennis Dubs says:

    We ( me and my mate ) will be in the area in September and looking for an “experience”, care to oblige?

  125. TULA, my sweet precious midlife miracle who is now a total of 5 fast years and counting will be my travel mate. There’s so much to see, do and explore in Stanbridge east. Seeing a waterwheel for the first time thru Tula’s eyes would be a moment to remember for a lifetime.

  126. My life partner Francisco! Maybe this will make him a little more romantic! 🙂

  127. I would love to take my husband. It sounds like an amazing getaway!

  128. Graham Harrison says:

    I would love to take my lovely wife and celebrate a very important anniversary. It all sounds perfect!

  129. I would bring my better half with me to celebrate my birthday on Sept 10th.

  130. Iriana Colannino says:

    I’d love to take my boyfriend, who would definitely enjoy a little weekend getaway to a local vineyard.

  131. Veronique Gauthier says:

    I would love to bring my fiancé Paul. He is the most amazing person that I know and deserve a nice gourmet gateway 🙂

  132. Silia Vincelli says:

    I would bring my husband Myron! We need this so badly as we’ve been busy taking care of my elderly parents.

  133. Ronald Brom says:

    I would love to bring my wife Mary Linda, we would enjoy this very much.

  134. I would bring my amazing husband who works so hard and is a great father and role model to our two girls. He has never been to la belle province!

  135. Mario Remillard says:

    I will bring Elvi, the love of my life. I love sharing with people, but mostly with her. To me nothing is worth having if I can’t share it with someone special. She is the most special person in my life. I’m so looking forward to this amazing and romantic adventure.

  136. Hi
    Of course bring my husband of 18 years and we just had our anniversary this would be a wonderful place to visit and enjoy.

  137. Sheila Perry says:

    I have lived in Stanbridge East most of my life, was born here. I am 73 , and it would be such a treat for me to stay at The Old Mill, and have a meal there and enjoy some wine from the local winery. I would bring a friend, just not sure which one at this time.

  138. I would love to take my Mom! She really enjoys wine (don’t we all?) and hasn’t seen Quebec yet. Visiting in summer time would let us really appreciate how beautiful La Belle Province is in the summer time with all of the flora and fauna. It would be a great way to learn more about Canadian wines and see more of our beautiful country!

  139. My wife! who needs a quiet getaway to relax.

  140. Sandra Latcham says:

    My husband Brian…we are celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary!

  141. I would bring my husband. We love visiting places with history and a getaway to somewhere as beautiful would be so restorative!

  142. I would bring my boyfriend! We are foodies and love wine 🙂 And we love to travel!

  143. Genevieve Laroche says:

    Hello! I’d love the chance to go with my monsieur of two years, Simon. <3

  144. I would take my husband Paul we are coming up on 3 years married, but it almost feels like there was a time he wasn’t in my life!

  145. Rebekah Harrison says:

    This sounds wonderful! I would bring my husband.

  146. Marie-Jos/e says:

    Ma maman, elle a besoin d’une pause dans les Cantons de l’est.

  147. Quebec – for me and my husband the lovliest place in the world since our arrival a few years ago, although we originally come from Germany and Iran. We enjoy our time in Quebec so much; we met, got married and recently purchased our first home here. During our trip to Stanbridge East, we celebrate life, love and this beautiful place on earth. Thanks for this great possibility, Mobilia!

  148. Truong Vu says:

    I would like to bring my wife! Our 10th year anniversary!

  149. Marc Comtois says:

    it will be great to be there with wife Lynn for a week-end in country.

  150. Judy Mazier says:

    I would love to take my hard working husband of 32 years.

  151. Richard Ding says:

    I think it will be a great opportunity for my parrot to try out some wine.

    1. That sounds like a great idea! Good luck to you and you parrot 😉

  152. Orsolya J. says:

    I would love to take my fiancé Jeff as he is very passionate about wine and this would be a perfect weekend getaway for us.

  153. Id take a girlfriend for a girls only gettaway . A bottle or two of wine can bring out lots of secrets .

  154. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    I would love to take my man with me. We have never been to a winery and we love wine! This sounds romantic and perfect.

  155. I would take my lovely wife

  156. Jola Ozimek says:

    I would love to take my new husband on a honeymoon after 3 months of being married!

  157. I would love to take my wife, Anna for a little holiday away from the busy-ness of home and work!

  158. Marie-Claire Arsenault says:

    I would bring my Fiance Neill O’Reilley, my best friend and travel partner!

  159. Julia Arokium says:

    If I won could I send my mom & dad, to thank them for all the furniture they helped me get for my new home? I would love that

  160. I would like to bring my girlfriend who’s always wanted to go wine tasting

  161. How wonderful! I would bring my design counterpart and partner in crime. She helps me keep furniture fun!

  162. Fantastic contest and experience that would be! I would love to go and bring my boyfriend to experience the winery!

  163. I’ve been to every province in Canada except Quebec, so this is definitely on my to do list. Like all truly beautiful things and places, Quebec seems attractive and intimidating at the same time. I’d love to take my husband, or my best friend, or my dad, or my mom, or my sister, or my daughter, or my son, or my dog. Jeez, I can’t imagine anyone would say no to this trip!!

  164. Sharon Bourque says:

    We were just married in June; I would definitely enjoy this getaway with my husband.

  165. Stephanie Soussamian says:

    I hope I’m not late to the game! I would love to take my husband for a weekend getaway. It would be our first since the arrival of our dear son a year ago!

  166. Maria Gonzalez says:

    Oh wow this offer is amazing and generous! I want to surprise my boyfriend with this getaway. We had one planned a few months ago and had to cancel due to unexpected circumstances. I want to call him and tell him the surprise. Thank you!!!!!

    1. Hello Ms Gonzalez. Thank you for your enthusiasm! Unfortunately, this contest is now closed, a winner was announced in August of 2017. We do plan on launching new contests in the future!

  167. My sweet hubby Sebastian, for our upcoming anniversary

    1. Hello Kristina! Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, this contest is now closed… we have a new contest that will be launched later today (for Québec residents only), check back soon to get the details!

  168. Would like to spend it with my BF.

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