Discover our worlds in person at our stores or at It’s a great opportunity to explore your decor options, get acquainted with new trends and contemplate moving outside your comfort zone!

Natural world of style

Rustic, warm, authentic

Envelop yourself in the warmth of natural materials like wood, leather and metal. The sophisticated yet cozy feel of the Natural style offers an invitation to relax, with textures and hues that balance softness with raw authenticity. Add light and comfort to your home.

The Natural world of style is deeply rooted in the environment, and is characterized by simple organic forms and natural materials. Solid and comfortable with a hint of the “handmade” and a sense of authenticity. Wood, natural colours, off-whites, and soft browns  predominate.

Euro world of style

Sleek, soft and sophisticated

Stylish lines and pure materials—that’s the allure of the Euro style. An intentional architectural feel is softened by leathers and fabrics. Here, European refinement marries Scandinavian simplicity. Chic comfort awaits with open arms.

Fans of beautifully appointed design and décor will delight in a world more Euro with its visual simplicity, reinvented design classics and distinctive colours. Create an interior worthy of a great European city.

Wow world of style

Classic, luminous and bold

The Wow style requires no introduction. Here, classic meets bold, and sophisticated sleek is embellished with light. Timeless pieces are confidently reinvented to make a big impression with pops of colour and metallic accents. Go ahead, make a statement. Wow them with panache.

A world more WOW is ideal for creating a room that has a festive ambiance using decor with a touch of drama. You can play with contrasts and materials: black and white, smooth and textured surfaces, mirrors! Everything begins to look warm and inviting with accessories in soft colours such as blue and pale gray.

Spontaneous world of style

A style that sets the tone!

A minimalist, clean-lined design that beckons calm to your home. Create a peaceful universe with simple, understated elegance with the Spontaneous world. Drawing on Scandinavian and Japanese traditions, the Japandi collection embraces neutral tones and natural materials. Melt into a soothing state of mindfulness.

A world more Spontaneous embodies the latest styles and the biggest trends from around the world. Eclectic and fun, it draws inspiration from the hippest neighborhoods. It invites us to explore, discover, and rediscover. Creative and seductive, it is attractive and eye-catching. Love it. Want it. Get it now.

Each of our worlds has its own special and appealing style, but it can also be fun to mix and match! Enjoy finding those must-have pieces and go ahead and combine products, styles, materials, shapes and colours to create your own distinctive world of style that’s uniquely you!

Four worlds of style – a unique experience at Mobilia.

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