We dare, introduce, stimulate and reassure. Our objective is to inject creativity into living spaces.

How are we different

At Mobilia, we are passionate about quality and style. As a result, our customers benefit from our buyers’ experience in sourcing products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in offering an exceptional range of new and exciting home furnishings, some of which have been custom-designed, while keeping in mind our clients’ budget.

Each year, our buyers travel thousands of kilometers around the globe searching for quality products to include in Mobilia’s four Worlds.

Our expertise in sourcing and importing quality home furnishings is evident in our affordable pricing, which is reflected in our unparalleled quality-price-style ratio. For almost 50 years, Mobilia’s customers have not only benefitted from exceptional prices, but also from our strict quality standards."

Our history

This year marks half a century of style, design and creativity at MOBILIA, the first furniture retailer to introduce European pieces into Canada on a large scale. Anniversary collections, special displays, citizen action and new partnerships: in 2016 the entire MOBILIA family embarks on an unforgettable year of celebrations!

Discover 50 years in the world of design

Quick Facts About Mobilia

Founded in Montreal in 1966 by Hans Kau, Mobilia is a family-run business with eight locations in Quebec and Ontario.

  • Mobilia invites its clientele to draw inspiration from around the world to make a world of their own.
  • Canada’s first home furnishings retailer to offer leather furniture, its products stand out for their exceptional quality-price-style ratio.