Autumn Hachey

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Stylist, Designer and Creative Director

Autumn is a designer and stylist living in Toronto with her two dogs Nemo and Peach. She is the founder and owner of Stay Here, a boutique branding and interior design studio for short term rental owners that have vision and heart.

"My experience with Mobilia was pure perfection! The communication was fantastic and I really appreciated the white glove delivery service! Their team unpacked and put the whole room together. I love the quality of all the Mobilia pieces in my home!"

Autumn's choices

With the new reality of having to stay at home, Autumn saw an opportunity to build an interior where she would feel good.
By helping her with the furnishing of her living room, Mobilia is happy to have been able to contribute to the creation of her new little cozy nest.
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Through her vlog, Autumn reviews the furniture that make up her new living room. Discover this cosy and minimalist room just below.
Skip to 2"55 to get Autumn's review on her Mobilia furniture!