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Hutch and cabinet
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Complete your Carlyle work space with a hutch and cabinet combo. With its urban appeal and sleek lines, this combo is the perfect way to make your office space stylish and functional. This wall-mounted desk unit is perfect for your elegant home office. Featuring Italian design, this practical desk includes 3 storage drawers with a lock to organize your office essentials. The lacquered finish makes it a trendy and modern choice for a sleek and stylish work space!


  • MDF structure with solid wood corner reinforcements
  • High-gloss finish with dark and light highlights reflecting light
  • Three drawers with top lock
  • Made in Italy
  • Allows for optimal organization

Product Details

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SKU 864438443
Name of collection CARLYLE
World of style Wow
Weight (lbs) 255
Dimensions(Width x Length x Height) 35" x 21" x 84"88.9 cm x 53.34 cm x 213.36 cm
Material Lacquer
Material Detail Lacquer on mdf
Colour Dark Grey

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Classic. Bright. Bold.

A world more



Classic. Bright. Bold.

A world more