Frequently Asked


Room Designing

1.Can you help me design a room?

Absolutely. Our Mobilia sales consultants are trained to create a living space that reflects your style, taste, and way of life! Whether you are building a new home, renovating an old one, or just looking to furnish a single room, we have the tools and the training to help you make the right decisions.



1.How can you tell if leather is dyed through and through?

Leather that is dyed through and through is called aniline dyed leather. This type of dying process means that the hide has been submerged in a vat of colour and that the colour has penetrated through to the hide. The advantage to this type of tanning is that if the leather is scratched the colour will not be the white of the skin but the actual colour of the dyed piece. Therefore, scratches show a little less. Also, aniline dying is usually applied to higher qualities of leather hide. To verify if leather is aniline dyed, do this simple test: turn over the piece of leather and see if the underside has the same colour as the top.

2. What is the life of a leather sofa?

A leather sofa will outlast most fabric sofas four to one, meaning four times as long as fabric. Leather, especially once it is tanned, can easily last 20 years with normal residential use, and maintain most aspects of its original appearance as long as it has not been exposed to direct sunlight. Regular yearly cleaning and moisturizing will also enable you to extend the natural life of your sofa. It would also be considered normal to replace the foam cushion cores after approximately 10 years of use to continue to enjoy the same quality of seating.

3.What is by-cast?

By-cast is a type of tanning process that is applied to a split hide. A split hide is the under side of the leather hide that has been split, in other words cut horizontally, into separate pieces. In Europe, by-cast leather sofas have been sold for residential use for the last 25 years. The finishing process of a by-cast hide includes a heavy application of a shiny finishing coat. This coat renders the leather stiffer but also more resistant to stains simply because of its thick finish coating. By-cast is therefore almost always shiny. Mobilia offers by-cast leather primarily on leather-upholstered beds.

4.Is it OK to buy a sofa that is half leather—in other words a mix of vinyl and leather?

Leather vinyl combinations on upholstery mean that the seating is made of leather and will wear the same as an all leather sofa, while the outside perimeter of the sofa is made of vinyl. This leather vinyl combination will show differences in colour, as vinyl will never be the same colour nor have the same consistency as leather. Also, the seams on leather and vinyl are areas of stress, as vinyl, a man made material, is more prone to ripping than real leather. Mobilia has chosen not to offer any leather/vinyl products in its collections.

5.Is bonded leather really a leather hide?

Bonded leather is a man-made product, in which leather scraps and fibers are glued to vinyl through pressure application. Therefore, when you turn bonded leather over you feel the suede effect of a real leather hide, but this has been applied to a piece of vinyl. Bonded leather will wear exactly like vinyl, as it is essentially the same product. 

6.How do I find the right leather colour for my lifestyle?

For pigmented leathers, today’s modern tanning technologies have advanced to the point where the choice of leather colour does not need to be guided by the use you will make of your leather. Therefore, a family may opt for a very light colour since pigmented leather will be as resistant as a darker one. The only caveat, applicable to all leathers, is that leather cannot be put in direct sunlight, and continued abrasive use might break down the surface coating over several years.

7.Where do your hides come from?

The origin of a hide is an important question, as it influences the grade of leather. The type of life the cow leads (e.g. where it is raised) has an influence on the condition of the raw hide. Mobilia leather comes from two sources:

  • The Southern Hemisphere: This is typically a smaller cow that lives in large groups of several hundred animals. This animal lives in large fields that include barbed wire and insects, and these hides are therefore used in our starting to mid-range products.
  • The Northern Hemisphere: This is a larger cow that lives in a temperate climate. It often lives in groups of less than 100 animals and typically shows less superficial scars due to barbed wire or insects. This leather can be found in our middle to upper range products.

8.Does the thickness of a hide influence its longevity?

The thickness of leather does not influence its longevity. All hides must be split in order to be used as upholstery leather. Most hides are split to a standard thickness of approximately 1.2 mm. However, to sometimes achieve an “effect” or a certain “look”, leather is cut thicker, to 1.6 mm for example. This is a question of aesthetics and does not influence the longevity of the hide at all

9.What are the stages leather goes through when it gets tanned?

The first stage is the cleaning and naturalizing stage. Hides are cleaned and hair is removed. They are then stabilized in a process that turns them light blue, also referred to as the wet blue stage. The second stage is washing, whereby hides of the same origin are washed together in order to maintain the pH levels in the water, which influences how hides absorb dyes. The third stage is the drying stage, where hides are rinsed, pressed and stretched out to maximize their surface area as they dry. Then there is the sorting stage, whereby hides that are now ready for dying are sorted into three different categories of quality: A, B or C, depending on their markings and natural texture. The fifth stage is the splitting of the hides. The final stage is the start of the dying process, which gives the leather its colour.

10.Does Mobilia use split leather?

All leather hides are split, as the thickness of a full hide would make it incompatible with sofa upholstery. Most hides are split into three pieces. The top piece, called top grain, carries the natural markings of the skin of the animal and is used primarily in sofa upholstery. The middle split is used in the shoe and handbag industry. Finally the lower layer, called split, is also used in the upholstery of sofas. Split leather is recommended for the outside layer of the sofa, the sides and the back, because of its relative strength. Mobilia uses split leather on the outside of some of their less expensive sofas.

11.Why do people talk about split hides?

All leather upholstery hides are split. All hides have inconsistencies in thickness and must be split in order to achieve a uniform thickness. If hides were not split they would sit very hard, like a saddle, and they would not make very comfortable furniture. The top layer of the hides is called top grain and the portion underneath is called split leather.

12.Why should I buy a higher leather grade?

All leathers go through a dying process that includes washing, drying, sorting and finally applying colour with various methods. There are several interesting aspects of higher leather grades:

  • Higher grades of leather come from cows from the Northern Hemisphere and therefore will have fewer markings such as barbed wire and insect bites.
  • Higher grades of leather will be suppler because they often have less finish coating applied to the top of the hide.
  • Higher grades of leather will show more colour variation but this is because the colour is not “corrected” and the hide shows the natural absorption of the colour.



1.How to avoid buying an oversized piece of furniture?

Appearances are sometimes misleading. Before placing an order, please measure the space where you want to put the furniture you wish to buy. The furniture you saw in a showroom setting often looks smaller in the store than it will in your home, because of the large dimensions of most furniture stores. The best way to evaluate the right size pieces for your room is to lay down your room dimension information on paper. Also, pay special attention to the width of the piece as doorways, spiral staircases, elevators and tight hallways with sharp corners often prevent the delivery of a desired item. Please be advised that furniture that is returned due to size considerations carries a restocking charge, and special orders are not cancellable. Therefore, please measure your space well before placing an order to avoid a disappointing experience.

2.How to measure correctly?

First, you have to see if the furniture you chose would work in the space you have planned. Note that the dimensions indicated on our website can help you plan your room. In fact, our room planner will automatically use the correct dimensions: simply click on the name of the piece you desire; drag and drop its icon into the room plan. Then, you have to determine if the furniture you selected can be delivered into your home. In preparation for the delivery of your furniture, you’ll need to compare the measurements of your furniture with your entranceways. You should also consider the size constraints of the entire path from our delivery truck to the furniture’s final destination. First, measure your home entranceways. You’ll have to measure the heights (H) and widths (W) of doors and hallways, as well as the clearance of the entranceways (D).

For upholstery, measure the width (W) and depth (D); the width (W) and the diagonal depth (D) must be less than the entranceway dimensions

For case goods (like bookcases and buffets), it is best to measure the widest point of the piece of furniture; the diagonal height (H) must be less than the entranceway dimensions. The depth (D) is also important and must also be less than the entranceway dimensions.

Taking these dimensions will help you figure out whether your new piece of furniture will fit. This is only a guide and does not guarantee that your furniture will be able to fit into your home.


Product Availability

1.How can I know the availability of an item?

You can either go to the nearest store, or simply give us a call.



1.What guarantees do you offer?

All of our furniture carries a one-year parts and labour warranty against manufacturing defects. However, please note that natural material such as fine woods or leather may vary in shading and tone; this is considered a feature of these products and is not a defect. Floor models (“as is” products) are also covered by our warranty against manufacturing defects for a full year from the date of purchase. However, they are sold on an “as is” basis (final sale) and as such are not eligible for after sales service. You can also buy protection against most stains and mishaps that occur during everyday use for all of our upholstery. This extended warranty covers the products for a period of five years from the date of purchase. It includes the most common problems associated with everyday use. For more information about our Magiseal Upholstery Protection, please visit one of our locations.

Our mattresses are now covered by a 90-day Comfort Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your mattress, you can return it free of charge within this timeframe. Plus, there’s no need to purchase a protective cover to benefit from the guarantee. More details here.



1.How will my order be packaged?

All our new items are packed in their original packaging. The packaging of our floor models is done at the store level, either with the original packaging or with wrapping to protect pieces during transport.

2. Can I purchase items for delivery outside of Canada?

Unfortunately, we do not offer delivery outside of Canada. However, we do have a thriving customer base in the United States and Western Canada. These out-of-town clients either have their carrier make arrangements for pick up or they pick up their purchases in person at our distribution centers located in Pointe-Claire (Quebec) and Mississauga (Ontario).

3.Can I pick up furniture myself?

Yes, but make sure to inspect items before putting them in your car. Any damages discovered after you leave can only be repaired on a charged basis. To pick up your purchase at our distribution centers, your purchase must be paid in full prior to pickup, and you must have an original copy of your invoice. Payments can be made prior to pickup at one of our stores or by calling our dispatch department.

4.How do I send items to multiple addresses?

It’s simple, one invoice per delivery address. So during the buying process, you will have to buy your items separately.

5.What are the delivery fees?

Delivery costs are $ 99.99 in the greater Montreal area and the greater Ottawa area and $ 119.99 in the greater Toronto area.



1.Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Interac, certified cheques, and cash. You can also finance your purchase by applying for financing at one of our stores.

2.Do you offer financing?

Yes, you can finance your purchase by submitting an application in one of our stores. Pay in six (6), twelve (12) or twenty-four (24) equal payments, interest free. Minimum purchase is required. Financing is not available for purchases made online or at our Magasin Entrepôt, located in Brossard (Qc). See details in store.



1.Can I order replacement parts for damaged or missing elements?

Yes, all you have to do is contact one our customer service agents. It will be their pleasure to assist you with any damaged or missing elements during the warranty period


Pricing Policy

1.Are your prices guaranteed?

Yes. We pride ourselves on offering quality at a value to our customers, a feature our clients have appreciated for close to five decades. However, in the unlikely event that you find the identical item for less elsewhere within 30 days of purchase, Mobilia will refund 110% of the difference plus taxes. Proof in writing is required.



1. How can I apply?

You can apply by submitting your resume online, by e-mail or in store. Once we receive your resume, we will carefully examine it. Please note that only those who are selected for an interview will be contacted

2.Do you offer part-time positions?

Yes we do. These positions are listed in our ‘’Careers’’ section. You will be able to see if a position is part-time or full-time in the details of the job description.

3. How can I learn if Mobilia is hiring?

We update our ‘’Careers’’ section very often. You can consult it to see all of our available positions.


Return and Exchange

1.What if I change my mind before delivery?

You may cancel your order within 48 hours of purchase, without penalty, as long as it is not a floor model. After 48 hours, the sales contract is considered final. Gift cards cannot be exchanged or reimbursed and are a final sale.



1.Can I order a furniture frame in a different type of leather, fabric, or wood?

Yes, we offer hundreds of custom leathers, fabrics and woods in many of our collections. In fact, one of the advantages of our selection of furniture is the many choices available. Our customers can customize their furniture through our in-store custom order programs. For upholster, you will notice that our buyers have pre-selected samples of fabrics, making your choice simpler. However, if you want to have a wider selection to choose from, more fabric and leather samples are also available. For wood, the different stains available are presented on a sample board. Please take the appropriate time in selecting the colour of your choice. While it is our pleasure to offer the variety we do, special order items are tailor-made one at a time and therefore cannot be cancelled once they are ordered