In 1959, Hans Kau leaves his native Germany and settles in Montreal. Upon their arrival in Canada, Mr. Kau and his wife started importing furniture from Europe to recreate the contemporary furniture world they were accustomed to in their native land. Friends, neighbours, guests... Everyone fell in love with their furniture. Mr. Kau then started importing furniture on a bigger scale for design-conscious customers.

After using an apartment in Montreal’s NDG neighbourhood as a showroom for a while, Mr Kau opens the first MOBILIA store on Greene Avenue in Westmount and becomes the go-to destination for sophisticated imported furniture.



MOBILIA opens several new stores in order to expand the brand’s reach.
MOBILIA now has stores in Galeries d’Anjou, Carrefour Laval, Les Promenades St-Bruno, as well as a location in the West Island.



During that period, MOBILIA opens stores in Ontario : one in Toronto and one in Ottawa.
MOBILIA is the first Canadian retailer to import quality leather furniture. MOBILIA offers modern pieces sharply contrasting with what is available on the market. Marble tabletop, leather sectionals, MOBILIA becomes synonymous with quality and style.



MOBILIA takes the stand as the country’s leading retailer in contemporary furniture. After 7 years with the company and having held various positions, Melanie Kau, the founder’s daughter, takes over as president of the company. The surface area of stores doubles in order to offer a greater selection of products, new stores open and Mobilia transitions towards digital technologies.



In 2005, MOBILIA launches the first version of its website:

In 2012, a business strategy geared towards the new reality of the retail world and focused on succession planning is implemented. MOBILIA launches its new brand positioning, creates exclusive collaborations with Canadian designers such as Harricana by Mariouche and Lambert & fils and launches its online catalogue.

In 2014, Johannes Kau, the founder’s son, steps in as President. In 2015, MOBILIA has eight stores and a transactional website. offers over 300 products and ships from British Columbia to New Brunswick.


On the occasion of its 50th birthday, MOBILIA celebrates with a new, bold and elegant visual identity, which will be in place for this year only. MOBILIA launched four anniversary collections inspired by the 60s and prepared a year filled with surprises, events and celebrations!