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Kassandra DeKoning

DIY, interior design and motherhood blogger

With a love for the outdoors, two country boys and one sweet baby girl in tow, Kassandra and her husband are living their dream within their calm neighbourhood of rural Ontario Canada . Their home is the perfect mix between Scandinavian style and a little modern and bohemian twist. Kass enjoys styling her home, but always keeping her home design simple + tackling the odd DIY project here and there.

"I love Mobilia because they include such a diverse worldly selection of products and introduce new pieces each year. They are always so unique from the next, and that is something I admire from Mobilia. "

Kassandra's favourite

Kassandra's favourite

"My favourite product from the collaboration is definitely the NENLI Sofa. It’s extremely deep, the cushions are so soft and cozy. The design is simple and timeless. It’s a great piece that we have shifted around our home so we can really get the most out of it!"

Kassandra's choices

Kassandra wanted to create a playroom for her kids so that they could have a space in the house for their own and in a cosy atmosphere. For this occasion, Mobilia provided some of the key pieces that now make this room a warm, contemporary and multifunctional space. Explore Mobilia’s collection to recreate this decor at home!


Kassandra collaborated with Mobilia for the decoration of two rooms in her house: the playroom and the dining room.
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