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One of Canada’s Top Coffee Table Collections

The modern coffee table is the living room’s unsung hero. After a long day, you can always count on this trusty piece of furniture to watch over your drink, remote, laptop, and take-out dinner. A living room table can serve as a valuable sidekick to your seating arrangement or a formidably eye-catching centrepiece.

Amidst a myriad of shapes, dimensions, materials, and designs, where should you start your journey toward the ideal coffee table?

Modern Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Embrace this step-by-step process to better define your needs and discover which coffee table is best suited to fulfill them.

  • Start with a coffee table shape: A rectangular or oval coffee table should blend effortlessly in diverse surroundings, with the latter’s lack of sharp edges proving safer for children at play. A square or round coffee table requires more space but pairs wonderfully with grand seating arrangements, such as a sprawling L-sectional or a mix of loveseat and accent chairs.
  • Harmonize your sofa: The ideal size for a coffee table rests between half and two-thirds of your sofa’s length. Its height should align or delicately rest an inch or two below your sofa’s seating. Maintain a minimum clearance of 18 inches around the coffee table to allow sufficient leg room and fluid movement.
  • Select materials: Wood remains a durable, timeless, and low-maintenance choice that naturally fits traditional space as well as modern décors. Glass helps cramped rooms feel more open and luxurious. Metal adds an edgy flair and some industrial chic. Stone and marble, whether authentic or as a masterful laminate effect, bring refinement and sophistication.
  • Look for nifty features: A coffee table with a lift top can transform into a temporary workstation or an informal dining spot during movie nights. Multi-tiered units are versatile and can be reconfigured to your whims. If clutter is an issue, consider a coffee table with storage (be it through drawers, shelves, or a swivelling top) to store small items out of sight. 

Of course, you may also stumble upon a simply outstanding accent table—perhaps one hewn from a massive root or hand-carved with stunning details—and shape your entire living room décor around it. Trust your intuition, and let our designers know which models resonate with you. They’ll happily assist you at every step of your project.