Maintenance tips Microfiber

Learn about microfiber and how to successfully take care of it.

What should I know about microfiber?

Microfiber is the thinnest man-made fiber ever created. It is a very fine synthetic fiber with enhanced washability. This fabric is a stain-resistant material that is becoming more and more popular in furniture production. It can be made to look like suede or leather, and makes very attractive furniture.

Fabrics made with microfibers are very soft and are naturally, water repellent due to their construction procedure. Because microfiber is durable and repels water, it is well suited for furniture.

Microfiber is five times finer than silk and a hundred times finer than a human hair. Microfiber eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals, and since it resists stains, it does not need to be cleaned as often as other materials. Nonetheless, you still need to know how to preserve and clean your microfiber to conserve its look.


How can I keep microfiber beautiful?

First, not all microfiber is the same, and different products need to be cleaned differently. It is not recommended to use soap and water for regular cleaning. This can cause potentially permanent watermarks on the fabric. While microfiber is actually very good at repelling water from small spills, once water does soak in, it may stain the material.

To clean microfiber, use a sticky lint roller about once a week. It will take off any lint, dust or animal hairs without damaging the microfiber. It will also keep it looking as good as new and colourful. Vacuum the microfiber about once every week or two. Unlike a lint trapper, a vacuum can get in between and under the cushions.

Because microfiber is good at repelling water, water will pearl off right after a spill. When this happens, you will want to be careful to get as much of the spill off without having it soak into the fabric. For the rest of the stain, use a warm damp piece of terrycloth and a drop of mild detergent. Dab the spill gently but do not scrub it. Allow it to dry completely before using your furniture. The spill should come off easily without the need to do anything else.

For those who have pets, you can clean accidents with a bit of white vinegar and distilled water. Apply some baking soda while the stain is still damp and vacuum meticulously. This should clean the stain and eliminate the odour.

For the best results, we recommend hiring professional furniture cleaner to clean the microfiber furniture once a year in order to maintain its look.