the soots


The eclectic Soots Collection evokes the openness to the world typical of the late 1960s. It mixes noble materials like leather, marble, and metal. Soots has a mature, warm, and nostalgic feel to it.

This fall, a world of possibilities awaits you with the new SPOOT accessories collection. Combining warm and cool colours, this collection dares with its graphic prints, textures and authentic French design lamps from the mid-20th century.


The Sunki Accessories Collection features burgundy, ocre, old pink, and burnt orange accents for just the right splash of adventure. The various, distinct geometric patterns, and hints of rose gold and marble pay homage to modern American design of the 1960s.

To mark its 50th anniversary, Mobilia launched two anniversary collections inspired by these magical times. With its Scandinavian aesthetic, Sareen is inspired by the early 60s, while Soots pays homage to the late 60s by combining noble materials.