I am so excited to share with you my Guest Bedroom reveal as well as my tips for designing such a space! It was such a labour of love and I cannot wait to share it with our family and friends when it’s finally safe to have them back to our home for a visit.

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Infuse as much colour as possible

My decor goal is to infuse as much colour as possible into each room in our home – each in its own unique way – and I’m happy to report that this bedroom has become the most colourful yet! Being careful to avoid the design becoming overly feminine, I balanced out the gorgeous rich fuchsia with deep navy tones and plenty of gold and marble accents so that anyone can feel comfortable in this home away from home.

Photo Darby Mitchell Photography

Functional and fashion-forward design furniture

When we first moved into our home two years ago, the guest room was a mishmash of leftover pieces from previous homes – so it was definitely time for an upgrade – and that upgrade came from our friends over at Mobilia. We turned to Mobilia to help us select the perfect pieces for our space that would provide both function and fashion-forward design. Their high-quality pieces were what initially attracted me to the brand and I couldn’t be happier with how the pieces we selected look in our space.


Photo Darby Mitchell Photography

We chose the SAREEN fabric bed in dark blue, and I love how the colour coordinates so well with the fuchsia-infused wallpaper behind it. The retro vibes couldn’t be any more perfect, and the quality is impeccable. This may be the “guest” bedroom, but since this bed arrived, we’ve all been taking turns sleeping in it and we may have a hard time turning it over to guests when the time comes…


Photo Darby Mitchell Photography

For the dresser we went with the WEBORA style because of the white faux-leather upholstery that really pops against the navy wall. This low-profile design fits perfectly on the wall across from the bed and we added a little height with an oversized table lamp to really draw the eye up. The genuine marble top is the perfect surface for tabletop decor, and we used it to carry a bit of a marble accent theme through the room right to the side tables.

Accent pieces

Photo Darby Mitchell Photography

I love how my marble side tables. The room didn’t require any additional storage, so these accent tables serve more of a decorative purpose and are the perfect spot for guests to put down their phones for the night, or keep essentials close by.

The final touch

Once all the major design elements of the room are in place it’s time to work on those final accents and decor that sometimes take the longest to complete. We accented the space with small storage spaces here and there so that our guests have places to store their small belongings. I also picked up white bed linens in order to accentuate with colourful pillows and throws, which add depth and dimension to the final bedding look. Finally, I brought a personal touch with wall arts and mirrors.

Making visitors feel comfortable in our home is so important to me! And now that our Guest Bedroom is complete, I feel an overwhelming sense of relief knowing that when lockdown is lifted (and I hope that’s very soon), we will have the perfect retreat for our family and friends that we can’t wait share with them.

Photos by Darby Mitchell Photography

Candace Alongi is a Toronto-based stylist, content creator, and designer, sharing her love of fashion, home decor and so much more on her blog themintedmama.com and Instagram account.

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