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Trends 13 October 2021

Linen and rattan, a timeless duo

Linen and rattan are both natural materials that have the ability to be trendy through the ages while keeping their chic aesthetic. Mixed, they form an elegant duo that creates a warm and exotic atmosphere, from the bedroom to the living room. A delicate vintage style…

Trends 10 August 2021

Japandi 2.0

Last year, we told you how the Japandi hybrid style featuring the best of Japanese and Scandinavian designs could transform your living space into an environment that invites zenitude and well-being. Today, it has been reinvented and has become Japandi 2.0. Come and see this anticipated but successful reinvention of a brand-new classic in interior design.

Trends 2 June 2021

Shining the Spotlight on Rattan

It’s no wonder rattan is back. With its calming light tones and natural texture, rattan has a way of creating a feeling of Zen in your home. It comes from a durable, fibrous plant and is transformed into cane or woven into seating and furniture accents. Strong, versatile and elegant, rattan works with every style and taste—including yours.

Trends 23 April 2021

Scandinavian interior design: cozy minimalism

The “Scandi” style brings us into reality, using the functionality of the space as an element of design. It traces the framework of your layout with its furniture and refined lines. It textures the atmosphere by playing with relief patterns. In this article, we help you define the Scandinavian style, to translate its philosophy and feelings into design.

Trends 4 March 2021

Colours of the year: a solid and dynamic duo

Let’s not mince words: the last few months have been tough. That’s why so many people are seeking design directions that are dependable and reassuring but still add a little zing to their daily lives. So Pantone has paired the solidity of Ultimate Gray with the sparkle of Illuminating yellow to create a duo that works well together in a very natural way. Find our ideas to incorporate this tandem in your interior.

Trends 3 February 2021

Trends: predicting the future by keeping an eye on the present

What are trends based on and how do they arise? Why are groups of people drawn to a particular style or colour? How do certain themes become universal, exerting an appeal from Buenos Aires to Moscow and gaining a foothold in everyday life? Decorating trends often reflect a shared sensibility, kind of like a Polaroid of the zeitgeist. By studying them, we can imagine what tomorrow has in store.