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The 70’s have never been more on trend, and with good reason. Defined by bright, saturated colours and organic materials, retro interiors stand the test of time while appealing to modern sensibilities.

Retro Love Collection


Retro’s allure is cozy and elegant with its earthy palette made up of warm oranges, deep reds, and natural greens. These colours harmonize to create a hushed ambience, one brimming with richness and depth. Petrol blue complements soft beige, warm tan leather tastefully plays with magnificent cream. By incorporating such remarkable colours, see how warm and inviting the retro trend can be.


Steeped in the past, but ahead of the curve–or at least teeming with them! Soft, rounded silhouettes are a hallmark of retro, something you’ll see all over armchairs and sofas, accessories, and lamps. Get the look with a dome lampshade, an especially eye-catching pairing up against a rounded backrest. A sleek, cylindrical footstool is a fitting accent to a body-embracing chaise longue. Rounded retro furniture has a way of softening décor and soothing your soul.

NELBY cylindrical footstool


The retro trend and natural materials tend to go hand in hand. Solid woods like walnut and oak set the tone, incorporating both style and substance to a room. Colourful glass catches the light, while textile-adorned sofas and armchairs tickle your senses. This trend accentuates and prioritizes natural materials like wool, leather, and rattan. All these textures come together to craft a chic world. Naturally.

Today’s retro is a versatile trend, one that offers a peek into the best of both worlds. It seamlessly blends the elegance of decades past with a contemporary touch of lightness. Rounded shapes, organic materials and rich tones create a stylish universe that pays homage to the past while enthusiastically embracing the future. 

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