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Tips 21 August 2020

Home office ideas

Many of us have had to improvise an office area at home in recent months and we’ve turned to the dining room table, the kitchen island, a corner of the living room, or any other small space we can commandeer. Since we are likely to continue working remotely for some time, here are a few ideas for setting up a comfortable and inspiring modern office area that will help you stay productive while remaining in a good mood! 

Tips 23 January 2020


Sleep plays a crucial role in how our body functions and in how well we feel during the day. We know that how soundly we sleep is often a good indicator of health and longevity because sleep allows us to recharge both physically and mentally. Here are six tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Tips 18 November 2019


It’s always nice to be surrounded by warmth at home, and that applies to your décor too! But how do you create a cosy atmosphere at home with true design style? By taking inspiration from the Nordic look – a hot international trend that’s been going strong for several years now. Here are five tips for creating a cosy Nordic décor.

Tips 24 October 2019

Choosing the right type of lighting for your home

Choosing the right type of lighting and light fixtures for your home can be somewhat of a challenge. How about installing overhead lighting at the proper height? Well, that’s a whole other story… Not to mention how a lack of light can contribute to the winter blues. To help shed some light on your interior lighting options, here are some useful tips.