Tips for a functional entry hall

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Storage. Lots of storage!

The big challenge for any entryway or lobby is keeping what you need within reach without cluttering the space. A simple solution is to only keep seasonally relevant items here, storing others elsewhere, like in the basement or attic. This makes it easier to keep your closet and drawers organized.

By concealing bulky or less aesthetic objects, you create more space to beautify your entryway, just as you would for any other room.

Think about using vertical space to maximize storage capacity. For example, baskets placed on shelves or slid under a console table can keep a multitude of items out of sight. You could also highlight some items in a narrow bookcase, like the two-tone wood Neghan corner model.

If the space allows, arrange visible items such as coats and hats hanging on wall hooks to be behind the door; this makes the first view upon arrival more pleasant.

A place to sit

Whether it’s an accent chair or a bench, your guests will appreciate the simple pleasure of comfortably sitting down to remove or put on their boots. Opt for versatile solutions with integrated storage, like the chic and practical Nyles bench or its matching pouf. Consider the solid acacia Jura bench with its wrought iron base, perfect for placing storage baskets underneath or for neatly stowing shoes under its seat.

A console table

Long, not deep, taller than a coffee table but shorter than a counter – a console table is the ideal furniture piece to place and pick up daily items without bending over. For a minimalist look and to keep the surface clear, choose a model with practical drawers, like the sleek, glossy-finished Westerly console, or the Woro, which cleverly combines tempered glass shelves with a brushed brass-finished steel frame for maximum storage.

If you already have ample space for all your belongings, why not dare a boldly designed piece? The exotic Nufina console table in solid Thai suar wood, with its natural curves and hollow center, captures attention at first glance. The warm Natem, meanwhile, presents an intriguing balance act, creating a more zen decor.

Smilla console table, Sia chair and Nasha lamp

Add a few decorative items to the chosen surface to complete the look, such as a vase for seasonal flowers and an empty bowl to drop your keys and smartphone.

Creating a welcoming and modern entry hall

Highlight decor elements that reflect your tastes, personality, and express the unique character of your home.

Accent lighting

Ensure ample lighting to make the space bright and to more easily find what you’re looking for. If your entry hall is narrow, avoid chandeliers and large, bulky fixtures; opt for wall-mounted models and table lamps for a softer, more nuanced ambiance.

For example, the elegant Wanra lamp with its rounded matte black base and classic off-white shade suits both modern and traditional decors. The long and slender Subuki model with a metal and fabric shade creates intriguing light plays and adds more height to the arrangement.

Enoko lamp, Elaina buffet and Nalaki canvas

A mirror

Adding a mirror enriches your entry hall in many ways. It creates the illusion of a larger space, especially if you carefully decorate the opposite wall to guide what is reflected. It also diffuses lighting, contributing to a brighter space. Finally, it allows you to check your outfit and hairstyle just before stepping out.

A minimalist round mirror like the Elkom model with a walnut veneer border adds timeless character to any decor. The wall-mounted Nalaga mirror with its rattan frame brings all the charm and calm of natural materials.

A work of art

Look at what your entry hall lacks and fill it with a painting, a large vase, a sculpture, or any other artistic piece whose sole role is to enrich the space with its beauty.

Nelyn canvas, Newberry accent chair and ottoman

Perhaps you’re drawn to the serene ambiance of a sunlit desert captured in a Nalaki canvas, or the stylish, bold brushstrokes of a Westmonty piece. Maybe the gentle, lively hues of a Nambo painting appeal to you. Alternatively, the flowing lines of a Wendes sculpture or the abstract intrigue of a Witt knot might resonate with your desire for peace and calm. Rely on your intuition and the initial emotions stirred by these artworks to experience that same sense of welcome each time you enter your home.

A perfect entry hall achieves this delicate balance of functionality and aesthetics. It meets your daily needs while providing a pleasant space that reflects your personal style. Draw inspiration from the rest of your home to guide your decor choices, and this transitional area will give your guests a clever preview of the other rooms waiting to be discovered.

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