Inspiration 13 September 2021


Give chic a warm welcome. After months and months of cocooning, it’s time for this trend to take back its place in our lives—much to our delight. Get ready to give your space a makeover with the many different colours and materials of chic décor.

Trends 10 August 2021

Japandi 2.0

Last year, we told you how the Japandi hybrid style featuring the best of Japanese and Scandinavian designs could transform your living space into an environment that invites zenitude and well-being. Today, it has been reinvented and has become Japandi 2.0. Come and see this anticipated but successful reinvention of a brand-new classic in interior design.

Lifestyle 30 July 2021

Your WFH Oasis Awaits

Remote work was already well on its way to becoming the norm for those working in all sorts of industries. More and more, people are choosing a work-from-home lifestyle to get the job done. If this describes your current reality, then make sure that whatever space you’re working out of is ergonomic, flexible, and totally comfortable.