Trends 2 June 2021

Shining the Spotlight on Rattan

It’s no wonder rattan is back. With its calming light tones and natural texture, rattan has a way of creating a feeling of Zen in your home. It comes from a durable, fibrous plant and is transformed into cane or woven into seating and furniture accents. Strong, versatile and elegant, rattan works with every style and taste—including yours.

Tips 29 April 2021

What sofa to buy?

Choosing your perfect couch is possible. You probably have several criteria: not too bulky, durable and resistant, but most importantly – comfortable. In this article, we help you make a selection among many types of couches, taking configuration, material and measurements into account.

Trends 23 April 2021

Scandinavian interior design: cozy minimalism

The “Scandi” style brings us into reality, using the functionality of the space as an element of design. It traces the framework of your layout with its furniture and refined lines. It textures the atmosphere by playing with relief patterns. In this article, we help you define the Scandinavian style, to translate its philosophy and feelings into design.