Trends 22 December 2021

The top 5 trends of 2021

The pandemic never really gave it a rest and forced us to stay put—this may explain why we stocked up on snug furniture and accessories in a big way last winter. We said goodbye to minimalistic and refined design and instead piled on cozy, plushy pieces. Since wintery weather can be brutal to cope with, why not go for a soft interior design style to counter the season’s harshness? Even though trends called for a return to chic, the focus was always on comfort.

Inspiration 12 November 2021

Cozy decor for a comfier winter

This winter, keep the cold outisde and wrap your bedroom and living room in a cozy atmosphere. Neutral and soft hues, contrasting textures and accessories, soft lighting: turn these two rooms into cozy nooks during colder months.