Top 5 sofa trends to follow in 2024

The comfort and flexibility of the L-shaped sofa

The L-shaped configuration, common in many modular sofas, is designed for comfort and relaxation. It also allows you to host more guests, making it perfect for social gatherings.

In a narrow or oddly-shaped living room, an L-shaped sofa placed in a corner maximizes the available space.

Whitmore sectional, Wenzel coffee table and Easton TV unit

A modular set provides even greater flexibility, allowing you to rearrange its individual elements to suit your needs. For instance, the four pieces of the luxurious Neo fabric modular can be easily arranged in a single “L” or transformed into a complete set consisting of a loveseat, occasional chair, and ottoman.

The versatility of the sofa bed

Weaver sofa bed

As real estate needs evolve, new constructions are increasingly offering more compact environments to enhance accessibility. Even in larger homes, the rise of teleworking is prompting many homeowners to prioritize setting up a home office over a guest bedroom.

In terms of space optimization, multifunctional furniture like the sofa bed serves multiple purposes at once.

The large Nojave sofa bed, with its cozy modern style, is ideal for small spaces. Its delicate off-white fabric upholstery, clean lines, and low backrest create a sense of airy lightness, allowing the room to breathe. A simple mechanism transforms it into a guest bed with unexpected comfort, thanks to its high-density foam padding. The seating even includes cleverly hidden compartments for storing unused cushions.

The opulent charm of the Chesterfield sofa

Incorporating retro charm into a modern setting helps to warm and soften the space. It’s hard to find anything more retro than the Chesterfield sofa, a European design with raised arms and tufted upholstery that seems straight out of a private club or an aristocrat’s manor.

Without completely deviating from modern minimalism, the iconic Chesterfield sofa still serves as a source of inspiration.

The distinctive stitching on the Norika microfiber modular sofa offers a modern take on the classic tufted diamonds of the past—without the discomfort of metal rivets. Its backrest is still low, but the armrests are at a more ergonomic height. Choose between dark gray or bold mustard yellow for a touch of retro chic.

The comforting warmth of earthy colours

A neutral-coloured sofa is timeless: it acts as a backdrop, allowing you to freely personalize your living room with colourful cushions, throws, and accessories. Beyond whites, blacks, and grays, earthy hues are emerging as increasingly popular and offer a comforting warmth.

Nesto modular sofa, Eira tables

Earthy colours add a sophisticated and subtle charm to the space, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The genuine leather of a contemporary dark brown Nancie sofa or a modular cognac Nigella sofa amplifies this sense of warmth. Over time, this natural material enriches and develops a unique character, evolving into a casual elegance.

The softness of velvet

The comfort of a sofa is best appreciated through the plushness of its upholstery, which should evoke the delightful sensation of being enveloped by a cloud. The tactile experience adds a whole new dimension to relaxation, and in this regard, nothing compares to the soft, velvety feel of velvet.

The popularity of the Nuage modular sofa speaks volumes about this pursuit of sensory luxury. Its beige velvet-effect fabric is a gentle caress against the skin. Its cushions, filled with feathers instead of foam, add a touch of authenticity and can be shaped to your liking.

For additional visual contrast, pair your velvet sofa with decorative cushions or a throw in a completely different texture—such as silk or knit.

Our decorative cushions and throws

A sofa serves as the cornerstone of a modern and sophisticated living room setup. Choose it carefully to enjoy a space that truly reflects your style and adapts to your changing desires. Don’t view the above trends as absolute rules, but rather as sources of inspiration to guide you in your search for the perfect sofa.

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