Candace’s new decor

Sometimes you just need to switch things up! Candace Alongi understood this and applied it to her dining room. A few well-chosen pieces and her space is even more inviting and cozy than it already was!

“Mobilia also has such a great selection of quality original artwork. The Saven collection brings texture, modern lines, and simplicity to the slightly maximalist space. We love how this pairing works so well together!”

“The Nitsa Daybed is a favourite with everyone in the family because it’s just so comfortable, and we love how it’s become this little nook away from the family room when we just need to chill on our own! It’s also such a great size that it looks like it’s always belonged here.”

If you’re looking to refresh a space in your home – or even start from scratch – I highly suggest a visit to your nearest Mobilia location to see their selection of high-quality furnishings and decor, and to start planning your home upgrade!

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