Why stone?

There’s lots to love about stone. The substance embodies stability, durability, and quiet strength. It’s Atelier Bussière‘s preferred material to work with, the way it’s been for more than four generations. Out of a workshop based in Lac-Drolet in the Eastern Townships, Jean-François Bussière and his team transform marble and granite into unique furniture and objects for the home.

More than just a century-spanning passion passed down from father to son, stone is a high-quality and valuable substance with an unparalleled ability to enhance interiors like none other. Atelier Bussière’s enthusiasts care deeply about the work they do. It’s virtually impossible not to fall under the spell of their exceptional-quality pieces.

Beauty, durability, and timelessness

Since 2010, the pieces Atelier Bussière creates reflect a love of design and craftsmanship. The furniture and accessories they produce are always done in small batches and uphold the values of slow design. Better yet, what better way to furnish your home than with products that support two proudly Quebec-based companies?

A 100% Made in Quebec partnership

Mobilia is proud to kick off this partnership with five unique coffee and occasional tables made exclusively for us. With their clean lines, these versatile tables seamlessly blend into any style of décor. These were produced to be ultra-versatile, instantly adding a touch of chic with their white or black tabletops. They aren’t just easy on the eyes, either: These are low maintenance for cleaning, and are built to last a long, long time. Modern elegance for the ages.

“It’s a unique opportunity for us, as a small Quebec company, to be part of the big Mobilia family!”

Jean-François Bussière

The Eloic collection in black granite and the Edella collection in grey marble

More than just furniture, Atelier Bussière creations are undeniable works of art. From tables and trays to lighting fixtures, each object stands out for both its practicality and straightforward aesthetic. Mobilia is fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with artisans who live and breathe design and approach every project with a commitment to quality over quantity.

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