Peach Fuzz

Every year since 1999, the Pantone Colour Institute has analyzed trends in culture, art, fashion, design, and technology to predict which colour will set the tone for the coming months.

This year, geopolitical conflicts and the polarized opinions surrounding the American elections call for softness and comfort.

For 2024, Pantone has chosen Peach Fuzz as the colour of the year. This delightful shade is a harmonious mix of orange and pink, accented with a hint of yellow. It’s a selection that radiates both kindness and tenderness.

This shade radiates feelings of lushness, intimacy, and inner tranquility. It evokes the soft texture of a peach, its refreshing and honey-like taste, as well as the vibrant warmth of a summer sun.

Incorporating this colour into your surroundings encourages calmness, introspection, empathy, and compassion. It represents a colour for the modern age, one that reconnects with humanity and underscores the significance of caring for the body, soul, and spirit.

How to integrate Peach Fuzz into your decor

Peach Fuzz truly stands out as a focal point; it’s an exquisite choice for an accent wall, ideally one that’s noticeable right from the room’s entrance. You might also consider choosing wallpaper inspired by this hue to take advantage of its calming textures or patterns.

Complementary colours for Peach Fuzz

Stella chairs, Sedena table and Eflower stool in the Benjamin Moore booth at IDS Toronto 2024

Peach Fuzz isn’t only a standout shade – it also excels in a supporting role. Imagine draping a throw over a white or pale beige sofa, like the Niguel, and adding a splash of colour with cushions in this hue. Complement this look with matching curtains and a pink and orange rug for a living room that radiates coziness. In the bedroom, introduce this colour through bedding and pillows to create a harmonious and restful space.

Transforming a bathroom into a brighter, more inviting space is effortless with Peach Fuzz. Simply hang towels in this cheerful colour and enhance the ambiance with coordinated accessories like elegant candles and decorative soap bars.

The vibrant brightness and warmth of Peach Fuzz beautifully harmonize with a wide array of other colours.

Delicate pastels like lavender, baby blue, and pale pink are perfect partners, together creating a soft and subtle palette. On the other hand, Peach Fuzz forms a captivating contrast when paired with deep blues and greens, bringing a light and uplifting touch to the space.

For a more grounded and understated look, earthy tones such as sage green, terracotta, and greige are excellent choices. These colours, along with various wood finishes, underscore the more subdued aspects of Peach Fuzz.

And, of course, whites and pale grays are always a reliable option. They provide a neutral backdrop that allows the playful and lively nature of Peach Fuzz to shine through effortlessly.

Blue Nova

Each year, Benjamin Moore delves into consumer behavior and artistic influences to meticulously select standout colours from its extensive palette. Their annual colour selection is anchored by a signature shade that encapsulates the year’s mood. The mysterious, the uncharted, and the uncertainty of the future are all captured in the colour forecast for 2024.

The 2024 Colour of the Year by Benjamin Moore is Blue Nova, an elegant blend of violet and blue. This colour mirrors the mystical allure of the ocean’s depths, beckoning us to embrace the unknown.

Blue Nova strikes a unique balance, where the natural serenity of blue melds with the depth and introspective qualities of purple. This harmonious combination yields a sophisticated and versatile hue, perfectly poised between warmth and coolness.

Adding Blue Nova to your decor

When applied to expansive areas, Blue Nova exudes a chic and immersive ambiance.

This deep and rich colour is exceptionally fitting for accent walls, where it can create an illusion of depth, particularly striking against white moldings for a bold contrast. Its intimate and sophisticated appearance is ideal for spaces designed for focus and relaxation, like living rooms or offices.

Utilize Blue Nova on kitchen cabinets or wooden furniture pieces such as bookcases or dressers to create a stunning tone-on-tone effect. Enhance this look with accents of gold brass or silver hardware for an elegant finish. Consider making a statement with a large furniture piece in this colour, like incorporating a Wakely sectional sofa in regal dark blue leather, making it the focal point of your decor.

As a secondary or accent colour, Blue Nova is equally impressive. In a space adorned with whites, beiges, or pale grays, this elegant shade brings a touch of maritime sophistication. Accentuate its nautical charm with Nabi cushions on the sofa and an exquisite Estella recycled glass vase on a side table, bringing a refined and cohesive look to the room.

Indira console table in the Benjamin Moore booth at IDS Toronto 2024

Blue Nova is merely the starting point in the diverse and versatile 2024 Colour Trends Palette curated by Benjamin Moore.

In this palette, Blue Nova seamlessly harmonizes with cooler tones like Regent Green, Antique Pewter, Polar Sky, and Hazy Lilac. On the other hand, warmer shades such as White Dove, Pristine White, Topaz, Teacup Rose, and Honeybee provide both complementary and inspiring contrasts.

These ten shades are designed to effortlessly intermingle in countless combinations, all without a hint of discord. Each colour brings its unique essence to the table, yet they all share a collectively understated elegance.

The question remains: will it be the bright and cheerful Peach Fuzz or the deep and mysterious Blue Nova as the trendsetter of the year? The world of design is broad and inclusive, offering space for both colours to shine and inspire beautiful decor. Interestingly, these two distinct hues also have a unique way of complimenting each other, adding depth and vibrancy to any design palette.

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