What is Scandifornia style?

Scandifornia is the hottest trend emerging in the design world. The aesthetic marries the sleek, clean lines of Scandinavian design with the airy, Bohemian vibes of California living.

Nigella modular and ottoman, Najini lamp

Despite being worlds apart, Scandinavia and California do share a few things in common: natural materials, bright rooms, an appreciation for colour and a pleasure and wellness-focused lifestyle.

The look is all about fusing Nordic design’s straightforward, functional approach with California’s laid-back coastal influences.

Materials, shapes, and colours!

Scandinavian design is known for its clean lines and use of light wood. Californian aesthetic, on the other hand, often involves darker woods like walnut and organic shapes, which gives off a vintage vibe.

Emory table and curio, Erisha chairs

Leather comes in thousands of colours, but rich cognac fits best with the Scandifornia trend, likely because it resembles earthy terracotta—another favourite of the aesthetic.

Scandifornia encourages us to mix materials: an upholstered bed, a leather sofa, a wood dining table, rattan fixtures, piles of textiles and stone, like marble and travertine. And the plants! Who could forget about the plants?

In terms of colour, we’re seeing harmonious palettes incorporating the soft Scandinavian neutrals with warm, luminous Cali hues. The trending colours of the moment—orange, peach, and terracotta—pop up here all over accessories.

Nelby accent chair and ottoman, Eldora dresser

Ultimately, Scandifornia design seeks to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, emphasizing natural materials and luminous colours, creating a vibe that’s both cozy and sunny, just as its name implies.

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