Understanding Rustic Modern decor

The roots of ‘rustic chic’

In the late 19th century, a significant shift occurred as families moved from rural areas to cities. This transition saw a fusion of countryside charm with design movements like Mid-Century and industrial styles, leading to the birth of Rustic Modern decor, also known as ‘rustic chic.’

Interestingly, recent events, including the pandemic and the rise of remote working, have sparked a reverse trend. Many are now seeking the peace of nature, reigniting interest in Rustic Modern architecture and interior design.

Rustic wood in all shapes and sizes

Materials and textures in Rustic Modern style

Rustic Modern design, a blend of the traditional and the new, brings the outdoors inside. It emphasizes natural materials such as wood, stone, leather, rattan, various textiles, and plants (both real and faux). Elements like exposed beams and reclaimed wood are also celebrated.

Then, modern touches add contrast to these earthy bases. These include geometric shapes, sharp lines, and the use of metals, glass, and concrete.

The palette of Rustic Modern design

Neutral and earthy colours dominate this style. Shades like white, warm browns, cream, and rich greens are central. White, especially, is used to create spaces that are both bright and spacious, enhancing natural features in a style reminiscent of Scandinavian design.

To add vitality and dynamism to the decor, vibrant accent colours such as reds, yellows, oranges, and blues are used, akin to flowers in a forest.

Creating a welcoming Rustic Modern dining room and kitchen

Learn how to mix the old-time charm with the friendly, open feel of modern spaces. This style brings together the cozy feel of the past with the open and social layouts popular in today’s homes.

Nuline table, Edrina chairs and Easton curio

Starting with the dining table

The dining table is the heart of the room. Choose a table with smooth, natural curves in light wood for a welcoming feel. A great example is the Navi model, known for its elegant and inviting design. Match it with Edrina chairs made of hevea wood. Their soft fabric seats and clean lines add a modern touch to the room.

Place a plush, off-white Solo rug underneath to define the space. It’s practical too, being both indoor-outdoor friendly and stain-resistant, perfect for mealtime spills.

Modern furniture and contemporary accessories

Bring in a striking Easton black oak veneer china cabinet for contrast. Its vertical lines and matte black metal base give it a modern edge.

For a central decoration, choose a black Saja ceramic vase to tie in with the colour theme. Add to the atmosphere with an abstract canvas, like the expressive Warossa or the calming Nomadi.

Rustic Modern living room

In a Rustic Modern living room, the sofa or modular unit is key, as it’s often the largest piece of furniture.

Niguel loveseat, Essie tables, Newberry chair and ottoman

Prioritizing comfort and softness

The Neman sectional sofa is a perfect blend of modern style and comfort. Its clean, minimalist lines are paired with plush padding and soft fabric upholstery for ultimate relaxation.

Add a splash of colour and pattern with plush Elsie collection cushions in yellow and playful geometric designs. Complete the cosy setting with the Notum rug, offering both visual appeal and the comfort of walking barefoot on its plush texture.

Wood, black leather, and antique brass: the perfect mix

For a cosy corner, perfect for reading or movie nights, introduce the Element reclining accent chair and its matching ottoman. The striking black leather contrasts beautifully with light oak veneer, emphasising their natural curves.

The Easton TV stand complements this look. Choose from black or dark brown to match the leather or wood tones of the chair.

Finally, add a touch of adjustable ambiance with the Nowy lamp. Its woven rattan lampshades emit a warm glow, while the antique brass rods can be rotated for a custom look that fits your space perfectly.

Rustic Modern bedroom

Your bedroom should be a tranquil sanctuary, a place that fosters relaxation before sleep and eases you into waking up.

Eden bed, Sia chair and Elaina chest

Creating a rustic modern bedroom with a wooden ensemble

Choose a coordinated furniture set to encourage a visual harmony of materials, shapes, and soothing colours. The Elaina collection with a king-size bed, nightstand, and dresser is a perfect example: the stunning whitewashed oak and white porcelain surfaces with marble effect are visually appealing. Simplicity reigns with minimalist lines and a total absence of visible hardware—subtle wood notches serve as elegant handles instead.

Dress your bedding with pale-toned cushions and natural materials, such as solid cotton and woven rattan from Nalaga or the looped weaving of Nankato for an enhanced sense of softness.

Adding subtle modern touches

For a touch of modernity, introduce an Emissa accent chair. Its Mid-Century-inspired curves and lines, coupled with generous padding, make it the perfect spot to sit before putting on your night attire.

Add a full-length trendy-shaped Nilly mirror with a light wood frame to match the rest of the furniture. Bathe the room in soft ambient light with Nasha bedside lamps, featuring a white ceramic base, woven rattan lampshade, and understated geometry that’s in line with today’s trends.

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