Arch Appreciation

Never fear, the arch is here (to stay). For some, the arch is a symbol of the past, something that would feel right at home on your Italian neighbour’s villa. But it’s more than just an old world feature, it’s an option that infuses your interior with a congenial vibe.

Why choose between a round or square mirror when an arched model lets you have it both ways? Then, there’s an arched bookcase, like this style reminiscent of the 70s. This version is revamped with clean lines and contemporary materials, making it a great piece for both the living room and bedroom. You’ll even find the stately arch making its way onto storage units like the Smilla dresser, a versatile piece that can be placed in a hallway, bedroom, and bathroom (if yours is spacious enough, of course). An arch’s curves are prominent in abstract pieces that dress up your walls and infuse contemporary magic into the space.

All About Balance

Roundness is right at home on decorative accessories like side tables, ceiling lights, and wall art. Semi-circles and oblong shapes work together, creating stacks and stacks of movement.  Here, ordered chaos is king. These side tables have unusual proportions, breaking free from the four-legged mould and right-angled top. For example, the Sedena side table is inspired by a tam-tam drum, but its opposing semi-circles. The Savea collection, with its circular top and closely-spaced legs, balances heavy and light.

Elaka lamp, Seera bookcase and Elory accent chair

We hung this abstract Nomad canvas on the wall, playful with its eye-catching semi-circles. The Elaka pendant light contrasts the room’s softness, inviting brilliant light to an otherwise soft space. The best part is that these cheerful stacked tables can work in any room and are easily integrated into any style or taste.

Overwhelmingly Simple

The neo-brutalist aesthetic and rounded furniture go hand in hand. Neo-what, you ask? Don’t let the name put you off, the trend is brutal in name only. Inspired by the Brutalist architectural movement that was trendy in the 1950s to the 1970s, neo-brutalism relies on clean lines, minimal embellishments, and an imposing form. Its simplicity is contrasted with rounded curves, which balance the furniture by infusing a sense of lightness, which is difficult to achieve with harsh, straight lines.

Sorena accent chair and loveseat, Savea coffee table

These neo-brutalist chairs are robust yet airy, made with fabrics reminiscent of wool and concrete. The Nelby chair, with its rounded design, is sturdy. Compact models like the Wula swivel chair and retro Elryn fit easily into the living room, bedroom, or office, creating that rounded touch. The Sorena modular loveseat has a curved back and large, solid surface areas to create a cocoon feeling. Finally, the Wava table is easily configurable while its ceramic table top is ultra-easy to clean. For a more discreet side table, opt for the cylindrical Evie, a side table that doubles as a footstool.

The Cave Is Calling

Stella armchair and Nomad wall art

When we say cave, we don’t mean a dark and damp cave you’d stumble upon in a forest. We’re talking about modern pieces that rely on a primitive and natural design. The main goal here is to recreate a cozy environment by incorporating irregular shapes. For example, the upholstered Stella armchair evokes an organic form with its three legs and its openwork back. The vases and decorative bowls have curved contours that create silhouettes evocative of designs from another era. The materials and colours used are neutral and textured. Though each piece is its own unique design, what they all share are their inviting curves.

Rounded shapes should be a part of every décor, a device for softening linear edges. Curves are more eye-catching than ever with their natural colours and organic textures. Comfortable, welcoming, and ultra-versatile, round furniture is an excellent addition to any room, especially if you’re looking to level up the coziness.

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