Mobilia for the future

At Mobilia, sustainability has long been a value of ours, including the trends we follow and the materials we use. We believe in making informed choices when it comes to decorating sustainably, always prioritizing eco-friendly and durable materials. Our commitment to the future means striving to improve today and tomorrow.

Embracing Canadian-made products

For a few reasons, local design is more than just a passing fad—it’s here to stay. Locally made furniture is all-around better for the environment while reducing the environmental impacts of international shipping. Besides that, supporting local means celebrating the skills and craftsmanship of your neighbours and community. Explore our wide range of Canadian products and embrace both the practical pleasurable side of homegrown goods.

Nicolas collection, made in Quebec
Eloise collection, made in Quebec
Elaina collection, made in Quebec

Eco-friendly materials

Discover Mobilia’s commitment to using responsibly sourced, sustainable materials. Our retro-inspired Wiktoria sofa features straight lines and is upholstered in recycled polyester fabric. Each item in the Indira collection is handcrafted from architectural fragments and recycled wood, giving each a unique and compelling story. Beyond its timeless appeal, Rattan is ultra-trendy, renewable fiber that whose growth and harvesting doesn’t harm the environment. And when it comes to decorating, volcanic stone and hand-woven fabrics are in high-demand. Natural materials are forever trendy.

Wiktoria sectional sofa
Indira console table

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