A little colour goes a long way

Just a few carefully chosen touches are all you need to give your space a major refresh. Whoever sad red and gold are the colours of royals, clearly never saw how effortlessly and playfully this colour combo can elevate a room. On sofas, curtains, or seating, blue works on so many textures. Let vivacious yellow flirt with stark black to create striking contrast. Complementary colours create a lively, colourful atmosphere that’ll put some serious pep in your step.

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Neola dining chair

Eat colourfully

They say to eat colourfully, but we don’t see why that thinking should be limited to your meal—take it beyond your plate! The hushed red tons on these captain chairs inspire a sense of comfort and warmth, especially when paired with a marble or blonde wood table. It doesn’t stop there: paint your walls in rich, decadent hues and see how it builds up an appetite.

Boost your living room

There’s no need to completely overhaul the living room. All you have to do is work some colour into the mix. The sofa tends to be a focal point, so use this piece to balance out the rest of the space. If your choice of sofa is vibrant, keep the rest of the décor neutral and light. But if the room is colourful, opt for a neutral shade–this creates harmony. No matter what, vibrant artwork will add a jolt of energy to a room.

Wisteria modular sofa
Wicea accent chair

Colour is an easy and affordable way to invite some positive energy into the home. Refresh your space by incorporating colourful furniture and accessories, and immerse yourself in a vibrant home that boosts your mood!

Wicea accent chair and Elkom sideboard

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